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Benefits Of Self Publishing Vs Traditional Publishing - Print On Demand
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Benefits Of Self Publishing Vs Traditional Publishing  -  Print On Demand

You have been looking around for information to the benefits of self publishing vs traditional publishing and by now you see what POD (Print-On-Demand) publishing has to offer you but you are still a little weary about it?

As a writer you already know what you want, after all you wrote a whole book by yourself did you not?

Your first real step is to relax now. I know what it is like to imagine what a traditional published book can do, mostly because you have to do nothing. Your publisher already likes your book - they are ready to make that commitment because they see worth in you - actually no - a traditional publisher is in the business of making money - they already have an idea your book is going to sell and they handle the marketing... right?

Try researching traditionally published authors helping with marketing their books. I think you will see something very interesting. Of course with a name like Stephen King or Dean Koontz you won't have to worry - but your name is neither one of them or you wouldn't be reading this article!

Traditionally published authors - the famous ones - make good money with their books but they don't receive or dictate their royalties. With POD you can.

Pretend you are the famous author you hope to be - a $1.00 a book royalty isn't bad when you are selling over a million copies of your book - now look at yourself as a soon-to-be first time published author - you make $1.00 on each book - you sell 200 copies within your first few months - $200.00 for your all your time and hard work?

OK, so writers always say "We are in this for the love of writing and not making lots of money"! I'm sure you have heard your favorite author say that - they are right - to a point - because they are also the rich ones who get paid to do what you love. You just want the same - to be able to quit your life sucking day job and get that dream job as an actual author.

Pretend your royalty for your first book was $5.00 a copy. You sell those 200 copies - you do the math.

Traditionally being published looks better because the greats have done it - using POD as a self publisher takes more work and is a relatively new idea - but worth it. You have to get over the learning curb and see everything that Print-On-Demand publishing has to offer you.

Are you worried about investing?

Who isn't worried about that. Really this part is all up to you and what you can and/or are willing to spend. I would suggest getting an actual editor, shop around for one. You will need more than your own eyes on your book - same goes for family members - good idea but I recommend a word by word edit of your hard work.

Becoming a self-published author isn't any easier than a traditional one - except you get to see your book in print faster. There is a lot to it. Look into self-published authors who have made a good name (and living) for themselves. Then do what they did. usually they are eager to share their success with aspiring authors.

Need more inspiration?

Do you know what a Kindle or a Nook is? They are becoming very popular - especially with younger readers.

Most writers (even the already famous ones) dreaded the idea of eBooks... but they are very popular and you to can publish an eBook version of your novel. Why not give people another way to buy your writing? POD can help you with printed paperbacks, hardback, and even eBooks as well. You can sell them through your own websites, your POD web page for you, and places like Barnes & Noble as well as Amazon. Now how does that sound?

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