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Blogging For Money Should NOT Be Your First Priority!
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Blogging For Money Should NOT Be Your First Priority!

If you're currently wondering how you can start blogging for money and perhaps one day make lots of money, - think again and most importantly do not rush into doing what everybody else is doing just so you can make money online. As you embark on your online journey keep in mind that blogging for money should NEVER be your first priority.

So you want to earn a few dollars online, perhaps at one point you even hope to eventually quit your soul sucking 9-5 job and become a full time blogger. After all, wouldn't it be wonderful to work from home, your office being a short walk from your bed, with the option to work in your comfy pajamas,- and best of all, make money while you sleep! Even though all this is possible, truth is, making big money from a blog is extremely difficult, but NOT impossible. The most important thing is to start off on the right foot (so to speak), since this is what makes a big difference in the long run.

Be Unique

8 out of 10 people you will meet nowadays will have a blog! So where am I going with this? There are millions of blogs out there, if you want to be successful and make money online with a blog, your online presence has to stand out. If you crave lots of readership, millions of hits and a loyal following, you MUST provide your readers with useful, unique and interesting content ALL THE TIME!

Don't just copy other blogs, plagarize (gasp!) or re-write content that you find online on other people's websites! If you commit the above mentioned offences, anybody who lands on your website will catch up to your suspicious ways and you will eventually lose even your loyal readers. Your bounce rate eventually go through the roof at 97%+, why? Nobody likes to feel as if they are being taken for a fool.

But EVERYBODY is Doing iT

Don't just do it because everybody else is doing it! This would be a silly mistake to make when starting out since it will eventually cost you discomfort and lost time in the long run. Just because you read about a blogger making money from the financial 'get out of debt' niche, doesn't mean this is what you also need to do to make money online. Another blogger is make a full time income from freelance writing and teaching others how to secure high paying freelance gigs, however you may earn little to no money in such a niche.

You read a story about a girl who quit her job and is now working full time on her six figure motivational and positive living blog. Does this mean that you'll also enjoy blogging about motivation and positive living, let alone make money doing it! And the list goes on...

Find Your Voice

Keep in mind that you need to find your talent and vision. Don't mask your true talents by becoming a follower, don't cop out on your potential by choosing hype over passion. Keep in mind that by writing about the things you are truly passionate about won't seem like a chore.

Get rid of the BS

Providing readers with content that you don't care for or find useful for that matter, going through the motions in hopes of making money will eventually leave you tired, unmotivated and bored...Eventually you will quit, rendering your previous attempts to make money online a total waste of your time.

Simple does it

To start out a you don't need to have some fancy, expensive professional designed website. Start with a clean WordPress theme avoid jumbled colors, animated gifs everywhere and over-saturating your site with ads since all these things are in bad taste and will turn off web visitors.

My final advice is for you to find something you're genuinely passionate about and provide interesting and useful content to your readers. Who knows, your blog may just turn into a prized chicken delivering golden eggs and opening windows of opportunity you never though were possible!

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