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In life most people are driven towards their dreams at a young age. As kids we have large imaginations we not only create our own dreams but live in them, “makes you think what happened”. We lose are imaginations very young some lose it after 8 yrs old and some after 10yrs old. Some lose it due to getting older and being exposed to the harsh reality of the world while others just seem to forget and get occupied with everything else around them.

I believe that an imagination is what makes our world, for example 20 years ago did you think we would have touch screen electronics and apps, no these items that we enjoy today were part of someone's imagination they just made it reality. Each and every one of us has any imagination most just choose to not use it while others such as Steve jobs, Bill Gates, Carol Shelby and many more chose to make it a reality.

Remember imaginations are very important when you imagine it can be whatever you want. In ones imaginations there is no negativity only positivity and everyone and everything there is what you wanted. An imagination can be a great escape goat for those who are stressed or sad.

Next time you start wondering what something would be like imagine it in your possession and believe me you will be able to attain it. In conclusion imaginations are not only endless but also fun.

In a recession an imagination comes in handy. With so much poverty and people sad around us how are we supposed to take the good out of every day? I believe that an imagination paints a picture not only of how good things can be but if we work hard enough of what we can make it.

Everyday people choose to do right or wrong in today’s world most are choosing wrong for example robbing others of what they have, bosses getting rid of the little guy who has been with the company for years. I believe that an imagination will help those who are falling off the beaten path.

The recession has and continues to bring us all pain; pain is all around us there is no way to avoid it. I believe that when everyone becomes strong enough we will be able to conqueror anything this even means the horrible recession that to some seems like it’s never going t go away.

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