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Podcasting - The New Secret Weapon
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Podcasting  -  The New Secret Weapon

If you are like me, you have heard about Podcasting. You maybe even listened to a Podcast and subscribed to one on your computer, iPhone and iPad using iTunes. However, I had no clue until quite recently, what a huge potential Podcasting has in business building, in becoming an expert in your chosen field and create a huge number of followers that can convert into customers.

Podcast is a series of digital episodes in a form of audio, video, PDF, ePub files that people can subscribe to and download from the Internet. It can be streamed to your computer or to your mobile devices. When I heard about it I wondered where the word Podcast came from and I learned that it has much to do with the successful Apple product, iPod because audio Podcasts are frequently listened to on portable devices like iPods, iPhones and iPads. Also, Podcast can stand for Personal On Demand Broadcast.

What opened my eyes to Podcasting as a musician is how easy it is to create a recording on any selected topic, insert my own music into the recording and publish it the same way I do my music albums then distribute it digitally.

Strangely, a year ago I made a few music interviews with my students and their parents on music learning and why they think learning music and music education is so important and what benefit it has in their lives. Due to lack of time, I did not get around to editing and publishing these interviews. So when a week or so ago I came across an eBook that was on Podcasting, I downloaded, read it and acted on the information in it.

Now, a week later I published the first episode of my music interviews as part of my first Podcast series. Making a Podcast was totally new to me. I had to do some reading and jump a few hurdles technologically, which I always enjoy. But hearing the interview working and seeing the first Podcast published and what's more downloaded by listeners felt such a big achievement!

I must admit, I felt very proud and very happy seeing the fruit of my work. One after the other I am realizing my plans and achieving my goals. Just remember the points in my previous article on Goal Settings. Even more satisfying was the feeling to email the link of my Podcast to the person I interviewed and what it can mean her professionally.

This morning I played the interview to another mature student of mine whom I wanted to interview because she has an incredible story to tell on music. In the middle of her lesson I asked her to answer a few questions for me that I recorded. She felt very emotional talking about her journey in music. Recording her thoughts that we can share with listeners not only made her emotional but made me extremely very happy, too. Helping others makes us happy, too.

Podcasts allow us to share information with millions of listeners. It has an incredible potential to get information to people on their computers and mobile devices that they carry with themselves all the time. Using Talk Fusion Video Responders with E-Subscription on your website then inserting your Podcasts helps you to build a great camp of followers that can be converted into clients. Another benefit is that the Podcasts can be monetized too. Once you built a good database and lots of subscribers, your website that also should be monetized will have a huge traffic.

Producing great quality Podcasts which can be done by practicing and learning, simply by listening to others and making your own will result in you becoming a Podcasting expert in your chosen topic. With time, you will be able to set up a Podcast subscription plan on your website which means that your listeners pay for the quality information you provide to them.

Later, I will provide some information on the details of how to make a Podcast and publish it on iTunes.

Cheers, Piroska

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