The Return Of The Ghost Of A Ghostwriter Who Was Robbie B
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The Return Of the Ghost Of A Ghostwriter Who Was Robbie B

Wowsers! Where’s the time gone? I’ve been so busy catering to client demand, I went completely off the radar and resurfaced with one hell of a bang.

First, to all those in my tribe, you’ll have noticed something went disastrously wrong.

The links in my profile went dead, and the links in my articles died along with them, so I’m here now to tell you why.

My clients got my full attention and my ghostwriting cash review, tips, and advice all went dry. I let all my websites go to the ground, took my presence off line, and worked under the radar with clients I’d retained here in the UK.

I’ve even built an agency for a client, and that’s why I don’t need to market my services. The agency I helped build, naturally includes an agent who takes care of all the marketing, and passes the work my way.

How much simpler can business be?

That’s done tremendous, so for those of you who took my advice when my other website was live, about getting up and running as a ghostwriter, I hope you’re at a stage now with clients of your own.

If not, not to fret, because during the huge length of time I’ve been privately working, I’ve also been in super self-development mode. Fine tuning research strings in the search engines to tap any type of information I need for every type of research in a jiff.

Honestly, without knowing about how to use the Google Advanced search, you’re going to be stuck in research mode for so much longer than you need to be.

It’s the one thing that I learned, courtesy of Barbara Ling and since that day, I’ve shaved hours off my freelance writing assignments.

That time saving paves the way to future growth.

At this stage in my freelance writing business, I’m still not taking on new clients (apart from through my secret agent) and I’ll tell you the reason why.

It become a job and not a business.

You know the days when someone asks you if you fancy heading out for a dinner, or down the pub for a pint and you have to politely decline because you’ve a pile of work needing done?

That’s not a business.

That’s a job.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s extremely satisfying for me to see my clients get the results their paying for, but I do not like the part where I’m there until 10 PM battering out 84 WPM to meet a deadline and move onto the next job on the schedule.

So the solution was to speed the research up because I knew that’s where my time was being lost. Solve that problem, there’s more time, and with that there’s options.

  1. Take on more clients - Move back onto late hours – No thank you!
  2. Stick with the stagnant revenue – Don’t think any self respecting business owner would consider that an option
  3. Build in an additional revenue stream/2nd business model – Ideal!

The stage I’m at is building in an additional business, and after collaborating with several other freelancers, the route nearly all go is into private label rights. I did consider affiliate marketing, but to me, I much prefer that business model as supplemental (not solo) to my own products.

I looked into it years ago, (PLR that is) and it was proclaimed everywhere to be unethical. I thought so too at one point, but since that was and still is the progression route for successful freelance writers… how could one go from an ethical business, progress into something considered unethical, and still retain satisfied clients?

Puzzled, but where there’s internet access, there’s answers to be found. And believe me, I thought long and hard about this route, and spent a considerable amount in researching the market to find out exactly what it is the model involves, and how people make their money back plus some.

It’s an entirely new world out there full of possibilities and as someone who spends everyday writing for a living, I know there’s even more people who aren’t writers and also can’t afford the luxury of professional services.

Don’t go getting giddy thinking I’ll be releasing anything anytime soon though because I first need to prove the model works, by implementing it myself. I’ve never sold anything I’ve never used and have no intentions of starting that now.

That’s where PLR comes into the equation, but based on the research I done into the downside of using it, I’m convinced it’s a matter of people just not having the right knowledge on using the material they pay for. Or even get it free.

At the moment, the most intensive course I’ve come across is by Garry Sayer, and I have been in discussion with him about using his course name to build my website for review purposes. PLR Profits Mastery.

In that course, there’s a ton of information that I just had to devote a website to, so I could document for myself and others the parts I like, dislike, and completely disagree with. Without that as a reminder, it could lead to chaos further down the line in terms of licensing rights.

One such licence I learned of and do not like is Resell Rights. That’s the content that gets the industry the poor recognition it has today and has done for years.

It’s content sold but the buyer cannot alter the material. Those RR materials are why there’s a ton of the same content scattered all over the information grid.

Not PLR - provided it’s used as it’s supposed to be used. You are allowed to alter the content in any way you want, and you’re advised to do so. That is provided you go to a reputable PLR provider and not a fly by night marketer trading on Tradebit or the likes.

The best analogy I heard about PLR that helped me understand the terms was based on supermarkets. I think it was Nicole Dean I was reading material from, but I may be wrong. I’ve researched all the major stores, and the people behind them, but the basis is the supermarket own label.

That’s white label.

Supermarkets just need to buy the white label rights to a recipe and then they can produce their own product and sell it at cost reduction.

For the majority of publishers here on SA, I’m assuming you have your own business already, or you’re at a stage where you’re building one online.

For that reason, I’ll just ask you outright...

What content do you want to see me publish here?

  1. Private Label Rights – How to get mileage out of the material
  2. Ghostwriting – Becoming a freelance writer
  3. A mixture of both

One other thing you should know is about the content I already have published here.

To date, they’ve achieved 50'506 views, with the most popular being how to become a ghostwriter. Any links in those articles are worthless, because the sites are no longer online, and if they are, they aren’t controlled by me.

All articles from the published date appearing on this article are current and where we can connect.

Of course, you can stick with me here by clicking the follow button to join my tribe.

One final reminder – look over the 3 options for the content you’d like to read from me, and give me direction for how to provide the best experience for you here on SA. I’ll do my best to provide as much knowledge to you so you can grow your own business, just as I’m doing with mine.

Let’s do it together.


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Seems like you've had an interesting time lately! Welcome back.

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