5 Reasons Why The Ebola Outbreak Is A Good Thing
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Since March this year, the word Ebola has probably been mentioned more times than all the years since 1974 – the year the virus was discovered- combined. The Ebola virus has taken the lives of more than 4,000 persons this year, and is taking a major toll on 3 of West Africa’s Economy. The countries that have suffered from the disease greatly include Sierra Leone, guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal and Mali. The entire world seems to be praying for an end to this latest epidemic.

But depending on who you are, where you live and what your do for a living, this latest Ebola outbreak could be a good thing. Here are 5 reasons why the Ebola outbreak could be a good thing:

1. More Money for the UN other U.S. Based and International NGOs

There’s no doubt about it; the agencies that make up the UN and the thousands of other international NGOs around the world make significant impact in the lives of many people. But what drives them? MONEY. That’s right. Unless there are wars being fought, or diseases breaking out, many of the UN agencies would become useless. How would they be able to justify and pay that $10,000-15,000 monthly salary for their program managers?

Think I’m joking? Consider this:

According the UN HR website, a director brings in over $140,000 dollars annually as base salary. That doesn’t include all the hazard pay, the five star hotels and expensive breakfasts, lunch and dinners. In Liberia right now, I’m hearing that some of the expats that have come in to “fight Ebola” are collecting as much as $2,000 per day has hazardous pay.

But that’s not where the money is. The real money for these organizations that respond to disasters and emergencies comes for those huge fat donations. Bill and Melinda Gates give $50 Million to fight Ebola. Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook, gave 2.5 million to CDC. How much of those monies do you think reached those who are the most affected by this emergency.

2. It Exposed Loopholes

In Liberia, which has been the country hardest hit by Ebola, the crises exposed how unprepared the nation was to deal with a large scale emergency. Beyond that, it unearthed the true sentiments of people who were otherwise thought to be nationalistic.

The Liberia government was caught pants down with no clue on what to do in dealing with the crises. There was no other emergency response plan on book that could be adopted for Ebola. Nigeria has an emergency polio outbreak response plan and was quickly adopted, and help keep the situation under control.

In the United States the Center for Disease Control was absolutely sure that Ebola could not hit American soil so easily. Thomas Eric Duncan proved them wrong in a big way, when two nurses contracted it from him.

The poor man was vilified as some criminal; when all he did was get on a plane to go see his loved ones, not knowing that he had come in contact with an Ebola patient. Rather them taking full responsibility in time, we had top officials in government threatening to sue an innocent man. Well, he died. Maybe now they will sue is soul.

3. Creates opportunities for journalist and aid worker to travel and stay in first class hotels

The WHO has its office in one of the most expensive hotels in Liberia. The Royal Grande Hotel. Many of its experts are lodge in the same hotel. The U.S Military and other journalists are at RLJ Keneja hotel, and the Palm Springs Resort and Casino respectively. Would they have been enjoying this kind of first class treatment had it not been for the Ebola outbreak?

I recently visited on of the hotels just to observe what was happening in the restaurant. It was incredible. I’ve never seen people more excited to be in a dangerous situation as these bunch of expatriates were. How couldn’t they be? I too would be super excited to be commending almost a grand a day, eating and drinking as much as I want and living the life of a king.

4. Showcases Liberia to the rest of the world

Did you know there was a country called Liberia? Maybe you did. But maybe you didn’t. Maybe you were one of those who upon hearing the name think of “Siberia”? Well, if you didn’t know of Liberia before the Ebola outbreak, I’m sure you do now. With the first case of Ebola in the U.S being a man from Liberia, I’m sure you wouldn’t find it hard to remember that name. But here’s something else you need to know.

Liberia is a Country and not a Virus. The country was founded in 1822 by American Slaves who has recently been freed. They chose to return to Africa, and settled in a particular area with the help of the American Colonization Society. The Current Capital city, Monrovia is named after U.S. President James Monroe.

Liberians are some of the nicest people you will find in the world. The love people and are quick to make new friends. I know because I am a Liberian. Many Liberians are hard working, honest people. Yea we do have some bums too; what country doesn’t? Our girls are so hoottt, Michael Jackson made a song about them. Liberia has some of the finest beaches in the world, and virgin oceans for surfing.

5. Ebola outbreak displayed the importance of health workers especially in West Africa where they are grossly underpaid.

The Ebola epidemic revealed that there is need for exposure and much training in control measures concerning infections of health workers and patients in those countries. There is need for these countries to invest more in health sector in order to train and pay health workers effectively. Understanding of the community was another issue that led to great loss of life.

Families failed to cooperate with health workers as they viewed health workers as not important. Some families went ahead of withdrawing their patient from the hospitals when they were informed that the patients were to be transferred to another hospital which was some several kilometer away. Also there were incidences where health workers investigating the epidemic were stoned by the ignorant members of various communities in different countries in West Africa.

Due to the Ebola outbreak the concerned ministries in West African countries are improving public awareness on issues concerning Ebola and confidence and trust in medical response. Salaries to medical practioners and training are being revised to meet the risk associated with the disease.

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