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I say America Needs To Stay Home because with the new offensive in Libya we are now actively involved in 3 war fronts all in Arab countries. We should have never been involved in Iraq which cost countless American lives and used revenues we could scant afford to spend. All because of something that never existed “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. With unemployment now estimated at 9%,an overabundance of housing, and house property values still dropping, and foreclosures still on a roll, we have plenty here at home that we should be shocked into action to do more about.

While what Kaddafi is doing to his own people is disturbing, it is not something that he hasn’t done before and that has not happened since the world populated with different types of people at its beginning. There will always be tyrants, bullies and atrocities, we cannot and should not try to control them all especially with our own country in such disarray.

America needs to stay home as we now find ourselves committed for at least the next 90 days putting our pilots at risk and once again spending money with a deficit now at 1.6 Trillion dollars, a number I can’t really comprehend, so with more Ameri-can lives once again put at risk in another country that we don’t belong in, and a debt that will not only enslave us but our chil-dren, it is almost like reading a novel about how some great country destroyed itself from within, and would be interesting and enlightening reading if it wasn’t true and it wasn’t us. Do we really think or believe that we will only be committed for 90 days?

If memory serves correctly Bush said that we would only be in Iraq for maybe that long to overthrow and topple Hussein .That was 7 years ,7 months, and 2 days ago. At a cost of 3 Billion, and 4442 US Soldiers killed, are we headed for yet another pointless and financially devastating and deathly destination? Almost 50% of the planes used in the missions in Libya are American and this is with other countries supposedly involved with us. We need to be doing missions in our own country to stop the escalating rate of poverty and illiteracy that is now creeping up on us with devastating effectiveness.

We really need to come up with a plan to help Americans here at America before we start wanting to once again put American lives on the line and spend money can ill afford in yet another campaign to make the whole world a better and just place. Let me ask you this, “When are we going to make America that kind of place”?

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