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Animal Cruelty Statistics: Cases Of Animal Cruelty On The Rise Again!
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The UK is always trumpeted as a nation of animal lovers and I've never quite understood why. Every year there are a range of animal cruelty statistics that contradict this idea. 2010 was no different. The RSPCA have just released the latest animal cruelty statistics, reporting that there was a 10% increase in complaints by members of the public. Apparently these figures are not entirely unexpected because of the current economic situation. When household budgets shrink it is often the animals who suffer.

However, the RSPCA have also reported that the number of animals that they rescued in England and Wales actually fell in 2010 and this is seen as very positive. The charity believes that it means more people are taking their advice (all 86,000 of them). I’m sorry to be a voice of discontent but personally I find it difficult to see anything positive in any animal cruelty statistics. I respect any organisation that has the welfare of animals at the heart of their work, I wish they didn’t actually have to exist, but I think the RSPCA are being a little disingenuous with their explanation of the figures.

Last winter, I became part of the years animal cruelty statistics, when I reported what I saw as a clear case of animal cruelty and rang the RSPCA. I hate to say it, but I was disgusted by their reaction. To be told that cats are hardy enough to be out in the snow 24hrs a day with no obvious shelter, food or water, during three weeks of freezing temperatures was frankly ludicrous. I phoned more than once and each time I got a similar reaction. Conducting a straw poll amongst a few friends of mine who are mad on animals I found that they on different occasions had also had a similar reaction from the charity. Now I’m not trying to knock the RSPCA, but I’m not entirely surprised that they removed less animals if they are operating in this way.

But why are there so many cases of animal cruelty? I don’t think they can just be dismissed by the current economic situation. The fact is we live in a society where so many things are disposable and it seems that quite a few animal owners adopt that attitude when it comes to their animals. One of the stories featured on today’s news showed two cute kittens who’d been rescued from a house where the owners had moved and just left their pets behind. There is no excuse for it. Everyone knows that charities such as the RSPCA exist – if you can’t manage contact them.

The problem is that too many people get animals that they only have a passing interest in. Personally I would never describe myself as an animal lover. I have a much adored dog who rules the household and provides us this a great deal of entertainment and pleasure, but I’m not mad on all animals. The fact is I know my limits. I’m not keen on cats, I would never be cruel to one, but then I know I don’t want to own one. My local vet told me the other day of a customer who had expressed surprised that their new collie dog would need walking every day and asked “How am I supposed to fit that it!”

But is the situation ever really going to change? I don’t think so. People will always get animals without doing proper research on how much they actually cost or how much work it takes to look after them. Some will get them, neglect them and discard them. Although there are laws in existence to protect animals the animal cruelty statistics will remain horrifyingly high until the law is implemented more often or until it’s made far harder to own an animal in the first place. The idea that we are a nation of animal lovers – absolute rubbish!

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Kylie R  

I agree that it should be harder for people to own animals. I also believe that some people do not deserve to have pets!

  about 6 years ago
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