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Are You Prepared For The Worst And Hoping For The Best?
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Are You Prepared for the Worst And Hoping for the Best?

Unless you have been living under a rock or just jetted in from some other solar system you know from listening to local and national media types the world is in a state of upheaval.

Destruction is up many times over what it was just a few years. Destruction from all kinds of acts of God, like hurricanes, tornadoes, earth quakes, land slides, flooding and unprecedented snow storms, shear winds with a force of over a hundred miles an hour and tsunamis.

It is no secret communities in these affected area have been without power and water for hours and sometimes days or even weeks. If you are one of those living in those you know what it was like to be caught short.

FEMA is even advising folks to get a supply of goods on hand to see them through at least two weeks if not more of down time for local utilities and possibly isolation from any source of accessing grocery stores.

This means you need some food and water and fuel and warm clothing enough to cover you any from a few hours to weeks or months.

Are you prepared for such an eventuality? Are you prepared for the worst and hoping for the best?

It is impossible to guess just what sort of emergency situations a body might eventually face. And trying to prepare for everyone will drive you crazy and even frustrate you to the point you give up and don't do anything. Which is unacceptable.

Breaking down possible scenarios is the best way to go about getting prepared. Setting goals will give you a sense of accomplishment and success and will motivate you to move on to the next stage of preparedness.

If it is broken down into four possible time frames as in:

Immediate 1 - 3 days

Short Term 1 - 3 weeks

Intermediate 1 - 3 months

Long Term 4 plus months

it will be much easier to get yourself lined out and going.

Some possible situations for Immediate events, events of 1 to 3 days, might include things such as, storms, local disaster, power outages and civil unrest.

For these you will need some;

  • small change cash
  • one gallon of water per person per day
  • easy to prepare meals
  • minor medical supplies
  • sanitation supplies to include toilet paper
  • 72 Hour Bug Out Kits
  • LED flashlights and candles or lanterns

For Short Term situations can be severe local, regional or national disaster, power outages and runs on grocery stores. You will need or should have on hand;

  • easy to fix dehydrated foods
  • alternative heat source
  • alternative cooking source
  • medical and sanitary supplies
  • 30 gallons of water per person
  • hand crank dynamo radio
  • all previous mentioned supplies

Intermediate calamities could be from riots, natural disasters, food shortages, strikes. You should have some or all the following;

  • Bulk long term storage
  • bulk regular supplies
  • 100 gal of water per person
  • water filtration system
  • extra clothing
  • hunting and fishing supplies
  • all previous mentioned supplies

Preparing for long term emergencies of up to and over four months which could be the result of massive natural disasters, financial collapse, power outages, and loss of all utilities you should have on hand:

  • Four months and up to a years food supply
  • alternative water supply and filtration system
  • communication systems
  • alternative power source
  • alternative heating and cooking system and fuel
  • extra bedding and clothing
  • camping equipment
  • garden seeds of the hybrid type
  • sanitation and medical supplies
  • paper goods
  • sanitation supplies
  • cash

These ideas should get some ideas to flowing and give you some idea of things you might need to have on hand in event of unfortunate and unavoidable times.

Now is good time to take stock of your situation and evaluate what you will need for each emergency scenario and get started on preparing one phase at a time.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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