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Are You Prepping For Cold Weather Power Outage?
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Are You Prepping for Cold Weather Power Outage?

If you live where it gets cold and sometimes colder than cold, you may have been the victim of a cold weather power outage. Perhaps you were even snowed in for a few days. At the very least, unless you live under a rock, you have heard or read about the massive snow storms from last winter and the power lines down for days on some areas.

If you were in those areas you know the importance of being prepared for just such an event. If you were not, you could be and should be prepared for just such an event. No one knows where or when the next black can come and for how long.

Depending on how long the power goes down will decide what items you may need . But since you don't know if you will be without for hours or days you need to prep for the days, just in case.

Here are few ideas to consider, at the very least of what to have on hand. Remember, this is your survival we are talking about. This a starting place and should give you some small comfort to know you are started. And it should jog your thinking about other things you may need when the power goes out on a cold winter day.

The very first concern when the lights go out is heat. Having some source of heat is imperative to your survival if the power is off more than a few hours. If the power outage ranges into days, you got some even deeper concerns, like how to prevent those water pipes from freezing and bursting.

A small portable radiant heater like Mr. Heater Buddy will keep the frost away in a room, but it will not keep your water pipes from freezing up.

You will need some form light that will give you hours of lamination. Long burning candles or a lantern will give good temporary lighting. Gas lamps or lanterns maybe a better choice than battery operated ones. If you go with gas be sure to store several cans of fuel. Rayovac has a decent batter operated lantern that will put out several hours of light.

Having some form of portable gas stove will be must for cooking. Getting one that is double burner is a good idea and one that will let pots and pans sit well over the burner. Propane is better than one that burns gasoline or white gas. These will produce carbon-monoxide and can cause sickness or even death if not ventilated. Propane is safe for use indoors.

If you are coffee drinker or live with one you might want to have a coffee percolator for your morning coffee. Those drip coffee makers will not be working until the power comes back on. A great stainless steel model is available through Farberware.

You will also want a good general purpose LED flashlight that is bright enough to see more than your shoe tops. Fenix makes a high performance LED light with an amazingly bright light and long batter operation.

As obvious as it maybe, some folks may not think about it. Extra blankets or cold weather sleeping bags are must. Cold weather bags will keep you a whole bunch warmer than blankets.

Since you will want to know how long the power will be out you should have a hand crank dynamo radio to keep in touch with the outside world. Red Cross makes a great self powered weather radio.

Having adequate supply of food on hand will keep your belly button from eating a hole in your backbone. Keep a good supply of ready to eat canned meals just for this kind of emergency. A few things like canned soups, stews, chile, re-fried beans and other things you may like to eat.

And do not forget some water, just in case.

These are some starters for only a few hours of power outage. If it is extremely cold you will need to think about greater preparations. You will need to step it up a notch and that means more supplies than this few basics.

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