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Boots On The Ground In Libya - Another War?
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I can't believe the headline I just read in the breaking news. "Boots on the Ground in Libya" is a sure sign we are in another war. It wasn't good enough that we sent air support, we had to send troops in as well.

There are several points that make this news disturbing.

One is that we have our military spread so thin that if we are attacked directly we may not have enough manpower to counter.

Our constitution says that government was created to protect the people, it doesn't say anything about protecting the Iraqi, Afghan, or Libyan people.

But we just keep on policing the world even though we are financially broke.

Which raises another point. How can we continue paying for all these wars when our country is out of money?

We can't even balance our budget and we are now adding to it by fighting another war. How about putting this money toward creating jobs or increasing commerce right here at home.

We spend billions of dollars building the infrastructure in other countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, but what about our infrastructure right here in America?

Our country is falling apart but yet we keep sending those billions to help other countries.

With all of the recent natural disasters the government agency know as FEMA is running out of money. They had to stop sending financial aid to previously affected areas so they can send it to the east coast for the destruction that Hurricane Lee caused. One more big natural disaster and they are broke.

Can't our government see they are putting our tax dollars in the wrong place? Don't any of these elected officials have an ounce of sense and see what "Boots on the Ground in Libya" is leading to?

I think it's time to stop jumping into wars and start fight the wars we have at home like poverty, starving children, joblessness, and people losing their homes that they worked hard for all their life.

Let NATO or other countries help police the world so we can use our money to improve good ole America.

Put our tax money to work improving our education, creating jobs in our country, and finding ways to help Americans prosper. Not toward doing all those things to help build up other countries.

Today we read the headline about Libya, who knows where we'll be putting our boots on the ground tomorrow, next month or next year.

It's time to stop this nonsense and reverse the direction this country is going!

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