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Bullying: Is The Imagination The Path To Prevention?
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Bullying: Is The Imagination The Path To Prevention?

There has been much attention, dialogue and furor going on in recent times about the issue of bullying. We continue seeing and hearing about:

Kids getting picked-on and bullied at school or elsewhere.

An elderly grandmother is verbally abused by mean-spirited kids on a school bus in New York state, and then receives hundreds of thousands of dollars in support from generous people contributing to a campaign on the fundraising website, Indiegogo.

Celebrities of all kinds speaking out about their own awful experiences of being bullied, and lending their names and support to projects geared toward dealing with the problem.

A new word in the English language; bullycide, generally referring to young people who have committed or attempted suicide due to merciless bullying.

Cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying... people of all ages being harassed or tormented online.

I could go on, but I think the point has been made. Bullying, in all its ugly shapes and forms, is a subject and a topic we have been seeing and hearing more and more about.

Now, there are many high-quality programs, websites and projects, in the U.S. and elsewhere, that are seeking to have a positive impact in the arena of bullying prevention and education. My wife, Cristy and I admire and commend all sincere efforts to be a positive force with regards to this horrendous problem.

We also decided to enter the arena ourselves with an idea... a concept that we created and developed.

The concept is a "character", called Pit Bull Kitty, who has a "story" to tell of how he was bullied and harassed by peers and classmates while he was going to school in Meowsville, Ohio.

The bullying was so traumatic that he decides to work out, build himself up and become a bullier of the bullies, but just as he gets near his goal, some twists and turns happen that change his direction.

Cristy and I have come to believe that the imagination just might be a major key in helping solve the tragic dilemma of bullying in our world, and the terrible consequences that come as a result for so many.

We feel that if a "character" such as Pit Bull Kitty can gain recognition, acceptance or even popularity then it might be possible to create a huge awareness about the problem. A character with a story and an image may be able to create the kind of awareness and desire for change that facts, statistics and information just can't do, no matter how sobering that information may be. The imagination just may be the kind of "friend" we need to approach, especially in the minds of young people.

We believe there is a lot of room for development with Pit Bull Kitty and his story, possibly within the realms of books, toys, cartoons, video games, and images on all kinds of products, and we truly desire to make some connections within the corporate, internet marketing or social entrepreneur worlds.

We believe that Pit Bull Kitty's story and experiences have the potential to touch and inspire many, and also wonder if the path of the imagination may indeed be a key that may open the hearts, minds and wills of people who may be relatively untouched or unaffected by facts, statistics and information.

We also need to understand the cultural foundations of the problem of bullying, looking into such matters as the historical roots of "taunting" and disrespect in general; the hippie generation; video games that glorify violence and more.

Finally, we'd appreciate contacts and comments from people. Is there really substance to this concept and character? Or are we fooling ourselves? Can the imagination, especially of the young, be approached as a viable pathway to the prevention of bullying?

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