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Bus Driver Jobs Can Be Fun - Attitude Is Everything!
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Bus Driver Jobs Can Be Fun  -  Attitude is Everything!

I drive Public Transit bus for a living. I have been doing this for five years. Before I became a bus driver, I never really gave much thought to this profession. Now that I’ve been at it for a few years now, I sure have a good idea of what I signed up for!

Some might think that driving a bus around is very easy. I suppose compared to many lines of work, it may be. I presume it is much easier than being a brain surgeon. I can’t imagine even getting through the schooling let alone the actual surgery! Driving a bus is 99% guaranteed much easier than being a police officer. I can’t say with 100% certainty though, since I’ve never been in either of these roles.

I do know that in my past life before driving, I worked in an office for many years. Sure, there were many benefits of working in an office setting. I got weekends off all the time. I worked a regular nine to five and could go home pretty much on schedule. I even got to wear a suit and tie, which I quite enjoyed.

However, I didn’t get much fresh air. I certainly didn’t get to work out at a company gym like I can now. I didn’t get to many doctor and dentist appointments without a lot of begging to my superiors to let me go.

I once knew a fellow who drove a Sightseeing bus whose job it was to strap on a headset and microphone and tell tourists about the places and sites he was showing them. He was really gregarious and said he loved what he did for a living. He did complain though that it got a bit boring day after day.

I used to know a fellow who drove Greyhound bus across the country and loved the opportunity to visit and learn about different cities and towns that he likely would never have been to were it not for his driving job. He did comment that he missed his family while he was away.

Despite some of the less pleasant aspects of my driving bus, like smelly and rude passengers, and, believe it or not, fellow bus drivers, my attitude is that I provide a public service and am happy to do so with a smile on my face as often as possible. Where else would I get 9 out of 10 thank yous from customers?

Here are some other reasons driving bus is more often than not, a fun thing to do for a living:

Movie Times - When on a break, I can quickly run in to the local box office to see when a movie is next playing.

One Shoulder Dress - While stopped at an intersection, I can check out the latest fashions for both men and women by just people watching in the cross walk in front of me.

Online Job Applications - While on a break, I can surf the net from my phone for my company’s internal job postings as I ponder opportunities to work inside an office again.

Mega Millions Winner - While on a break, I can tuck into a store to grab the next lottery ticket. Hey, we should all dream!

Daily News - When on a break, and never when I’m behind the wheel, I can catch up on world events and daily news by reading the local papers.

“Attitude is Altitude”

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