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Catholic Church - Have You No Shame?
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Catholic Church  -  Have You No Shame?

As I see report after report on Catholic priests and their sexual abuse on young children, I can only shake my head and wonder "how?" The following is being written as a reaction I have towards these crimes and my thoughts on a powerful institution that seems to fester in this problem. (Please note I am an average guy with no religious, theological or historical background.)

As I read a new article today about thousands of children suffering sexual abuse in Dutch Catholic church institutions for the past 65 years, my anger rises once again and I decided to write about it.

How hypocritical can the church be?

The very message of most religions is love, peace, faith, reciprocality, and belief (among other things.) How is it sooooo many priests are defacing the Catholic institution in sexual child abuse? These men (priests, fathers, bishops) would seem to be the last people I would suspect as child molesters as their core/soul should be inherently made up of years of studying the bible, listening to mass, attending church, studying priesthood, and VOWing to adhere to the word of God and the church. The juxtaposition of this behavior with "men in cloth" is shameful.

Why doesn't this trend end?

Yes it continues, worldwide, and the Catholic church continues to clean up the mess. I am starting to smell a cantankerous smell associated with a sickness or mold that festers and can't be rid of. I mean, what type of environment allows this behavior? Is it just wolves in sheep's clothing that are getting into religion for the sole purpose of victimizing young men? Does celibacy drive men insane to the point of surrendering to the perversion of child abuse? Who in their right mind wouldn't want leave the Catholic church immediately?

I hope I am wrong when I state that perhaps forgiveness is so ingrained in Catholics and Christians, that any sin can be forgiven and such cruel acts should be expected since we are all tempted by evil to expose our weaknesses. Come on. Send them all to prison for the rest of their lives and ban them from the church.

Until the Pope, the Vatican, and all the rest of the big-wigs in the Catholic church decide to show courage and stamp out child abuse legally, religiously, ideologically, then I am afraid the abuse stories will not end. Sad, isn't it?

Hope I don't go to hell for this!

My perspective is we should use religion as we see fit. To help us through tough times, for moral guidance, for connecting with others, or for seeking answers, or for nothing at all. People attending church to search for these is just as beneficial as people staying away from church, praying to themselves in bed before they go to sleep. No difference to me.

I just ask that church members and parents not accept this behavior and root out these wolves as soon as their sheep's clothing is absconded. Do not allow any type of illegal activity (especially sexual child abuse) to be hidden by religious doctrine.

I just ask the Catholic church to hang these creeps out to dry, both in our judicial system as well as yours. Use all the money that's needed to truly heal these victims mentally, behaviorally, spiritually, and financially. Maybe a background check on aspiring priests might be in order as well.

Last thought: Criminals don't make good wardens, alcoholics don't make good bartenders, thieves don't make good cops, and child molesters don't make good priests. MAKE THIS END.

Street Talk

I sympathise with your arguments, the Catholic church represents a sickening, disgusting state of affairs and needs dismantling brick by brick in order to assist the pure at heart to hold sway. Born and brought up a Catholic I never suffered nor tripped over any such devils and some of my best inspiration in life came from priests and nuns. There will always be 'bad apples' wherever humans gather but unforgivable, in the case of the Catholic church, is the institutional condoning of and cover-up for the destruction of innocence - surely the most heinous of mortal sins before God! Hypocrites? - as a body, AN UNMITIGATED YES. This latest Pope, though seems intent on weeding out the rot. Watch this space! An excellent article.

  about 7 years ago

Thank you Karen for reading my article. It is nice to see someone in the Catholic church have similar feelings. Sometimes it seems like what I wrote is what people "think" but don't want to say. You make an excellent point, which I failed to do, is that there are bad people in any part of society/culture, yet the church is blind to continuing to let these men join/study/participate in the church. Thanks again.

  about 7 years ago
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