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Donald Trump Demands To See Osama Bin Laden Death Certificate
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Donald Trump Demands to See Osama Bin Laden Death Certificate

or There is Nothing Like a Good Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy theorists the world over will never ever be satisfied or that was the gist of President Obama's speech when he made his own announcement about the death of Osama Bin Laden and why he considered the showing of photographs too gruesome.

There is certainly more than a grain of truth in that theory, as the President well knows to his continued annoyment. For a long time there are people about who have been claiming that he was actually born in Kenya (where his father came from) or Indonesia. The theorist had absolutely no proof of either of those places as his origin but why let the lack of evidence get in the way of a good conspiracy theory.

Actually the president had a copy of his short birth certificate so there was evidence but that showed he was born in Hawaii and therefore had to be forged (anyone see the logic there? Nope me neither).

One of the people who shouted stridently for the proof of President Obama's birthplace top be made public was the multiple bankrupt now very rich man Donald Trump, who of course would not dream of stirring this kind of thing up to further his own political aims would he? (that would be a conspiracy theory too far now wouldn't it!)

So eventually up steps the President, shows his original full birth certificate and President Obama says that the whole thing is "Silly" and he has "better thing to do". This is of course greeted with a chorus along the lines of "hasn't the most powerful man in the world more important thing to do? Why is he wasting time on this and not running the country?"

Then of course up pops Donald Trump of course telling anyone who would listen that it was all his hard work that forced President Obama to show his proof but he was not sure he believed it because he had not seen it himself (or words to that affect).

So now we come to conspiracy theory number 2. At the weekend American special forces carried out a raid deep into Pakistan where the world's most wanted man, Osama Bin Laden, was comfortably ensconced in a large walled mansion a few hundred yards from a major Pakistan Army barracks.

As a result of this raid Bin Laden was shot dead by the Navy Seals and his body, along with a large amount of data on computers and documents was whisked away. No Americans were killed during the raid and the whole thing was greeted with a great deal of cheer by the US public in general.

Samples were taken to check DNA against those of his sister and to satisfy Muslim sensitivity as far as possible the body was buried at sea within 24 hours. No shrine then for supporters to gather at.

After some initial and I have to admit regrettable confusion over the fine points of the events then that should be that settled. NO CHANCE! No body, no photographs (I hope that we are more civilised than to want to gloat over those after complaints about US bodies being shown on foreign TV) and just the sort of set up that all good conspiracy theorists love. After all Elvis is an anagram of lives isn't it?

So come along Donald Trump, you have not done it yet so what is stopping you. I want to see those full banner headlines.


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