Earth - Titanic - The Unsinkable Ship?
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Just over one hundred years ago, the RMS Titanic sank to the bottom of the North Atlantic.

In fact it happened on April 15th 1912, to be more precise. With it went the lives of over 1500 luckless souls.

From the day she had been conceived on the drawing tables - she had been deemed unsinkable.

"Unsinkable" - What does that mean? - Could it mean or have meant that it could or would never sink - no matter the circumstances.

Most of the passengers were in a total peaceful state of mind when they heard the first crashing bump that night. After all what could go wrong - the boat was being managed and captained, and this was one of the safest ships around. The press had announced that fact – countless times. The ship was filled to the brim with wealthy billionaires and bankers. - Surely they would never put themselves and their lives at risk?

No one really knew about the little problems that had occurred just before her departure from Southampton on that April the 10th. - Who would have thought that a small coal fire in her bunkers had been an omen? - Most certainly the captain and his fellow officers did not consider it a problem.

Well that turned out to not be so true - there had been a fire and it had been put out and then the theory turned out to be - and it is only a theory mind you - that the fire broke out again as the ship left and as a result the crew had then decided to attempt that fate filled full - speed crossing.

Did you know that as she, the Titanic had left the docs, she had also almost collided with the S.S New York! Now that was a fire warning and a collision warning - both unheeded.

A prior near collision is considered to be one of the biggest omens going to sea. - But for the sake of money and prestige that "Unsinkable" ship carried on and streaked across the ocean to its watery destination.

For the sake of prestige and profits, over 1500 people would have to perish. Perish for the cause.

Now where have I heard something like that before. Who would sacrifice lives for profit and prestige?! - How crazy would that be?

I rather liken earth , our earth, our home, to the Titanic.

How many little fires do we hear about - that, are even now, yet, to be put out?

How fast are we going as a human race, - and will we be able to see the ice - berg in our way, before it is far too late?

Who is the captain of this ship,- we call earth?

Oh there are countless theories out there, as to who is controlling this planet right now,- theories that investigate the possibilities of an alien force that has taken over our government, - the existence of a secret society called the Illuminati, - the presence of a well distributed number of people through out the earth's system - now given the title - of the Cabal.

Add to the above all the other thoughts and opinions and the mystery intensifies daily.

So who is controlling the ship of earth?

Is there a captain - or when we climb up the stairs, and get to the conning tower - May we find no one there?

Well no matter who is supposedly there to run it, save it, or destroy it - Earth could well be deemed to be called - "Earth Titanic - the unsinkable planet - Wouldn't you agree?

How many little fires did you hear about on the news today?

How many near collisions is this world of ours are we having on a daily basis?

How many days, years, centuries do we have left, as we career off at lightning break speed, through time and space, - and how many days, months, years or decades left, - until we and earth hit that hidden iceberg out there. Or have we hot it already and as a society are we just too dumbed down to realise that we are sinking - slowly?

I think I will sit back in my first class seat, and enjoy my first class meal - and savor the moment as the band plays our song.

After all, what do you and I need to worry about - There is a wonderful and sane and very experienced captain and crew sailing this ship - our only ship - in the vast oceans of galaxies that surround us.

We as a race right now are in total control of this ship. How dare anyone think otherwise?!

Just look t our history. we have been a sane and caring race throughout the ages.

“ Er, be a good boy and pass me that wonderful piece of lamb if you don’t mind. I am going to eat it with my port.”

That should make us unsinkable…..

Besides there are more than enough life boats to go around for everybody.


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