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Finding Bigfoot - A Big Disappointment
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I'm a sucker for Discovery's "Finding Bigfoot" tv show. If I turn on the tv and it's on then I am glued to the tv show for the rest of that episode and any episode that may follow that one. I really don't know why either. I know that they are not going to find anything because if they did find solid evidence I would've heard about it on the news 3 months ago and not on the tv show. Unfortunately, each episode consists of the same disappointing footage. A bunch of people running around the woods making Bigfoot howls, hitting sticks together, supposedly getting rocks thrown at them, and running occasionally to try to track down a bigfoot.

I do have to give them credit though, they do make the show pretty entertaining and it is a lot better than previous shows since they are using thermal and infared imagers. However, I think that is due to the fact of technology progressing as a whole and becoming cheaper over the years. With that being said, even though supposed bigfoots they have caught on tape have me doubting. All the footage they have gotten so far, shows some hard to see image of something stepping behind a tree in the distance. It could easily be a human for all we know.

I don't want to say that they know that it was a human, it could just be someone messing with them. I would hate to find out that they are purposely staging stuff just to make a tv show out of it. However, it does have the look and feel of a reality tv show. I wouldn't be surprised if Discovery came out and said that this was really just a scripted reality tv show.

I think it would be really amazing if they actually caught credible bigfoot footage, that was clear. Sure a lot of people would still be doubting it, but it would certainly improve their case a lot. One thing that always disturbs me is the constant contradiction of Bigfoots natural behavior. Supposedly, it shies away from humans, except when humans are out in the woods by themselves then it bangs sticks and tosses rocks at them. If you look at all other animal species they either stay, run away, or attack humans when we enter their territory.

I think if Bigfoot was real you would hear reports of humans getting attacked and killed by bigfoot. Instead it just stays in the distance throwing rocks.

I really hope they don't find bigfoot, but in the end I think the show is just going to be a big disappointment.

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