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Hard To Feel Sorry For Celebrity Pay Cuts
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Hard to Feel Sorry for Celebrity Pay Cuts

So why are celebrity pay cuts interesting news?  It's not like us common folk feel sorry for them.  Seriously though, what are we supposed to feel?  Excitement?  Joy?  Sadness?  Shock?  Maybe shock... for a second, then we're all good.

Recently in the news, there's been that NBA lockout for 2 weeks now and The Simpsons big pay cut.  In one of the NBA articles I read, it discussed the 10 biggest losers who would receive the greatest cut.  It ranged from $1 million to $2 million in losses per paycheck.  That term alone "per paycheck" makes you wonder how much they are making in the first place.  And yes, I do understand that the owners are making way more than the players in the first place.  And of course, it is sad that all those NBA fans out there are missing their yearly dose of basketball action.  However, when is this dispute about money going to end?  It's basically a fight between the rich and richer. 

Another similar dispute but on a much smaller scale was The Simpsons voice actors versus Fox.  I am a huge fan of The Simpsons and the fact that it's been going on for 23+ seasons makes it the longest running TV show besides soap operas.  Last Friday, the Simpsons actors had to take a 30 percent pay cut in order to secure 2 more seasons of the show.  So instead of earning $8 million a year, they only earn $4 million. 

Have you noticed that there have been more disputes about money recently?  It's not just among the celebrities but also in healthcare.  About a couple weeks ago, there was a certain strike among nurses around the Oakland, California area and some Kaiser nurses around the Bay Area took part in it as well.  I believe it was about healthcare benefits or lack thereof.  Unfortunately, a mistake happened with one of the scabs who was a young nurse that resulted in a fatality.

Now, see how all through these money disputes, no one really wins?  For the NBA lockout, the fans suffer and potentially the spouses who don't care much for watching sports.  They could be going out shopping or hanging out with their friends.  For The Simpsons dispute, I'm glad that they came to a conclusion and decided to take the cut and keep the show running.  And for the healthcare strike, I'm not really sure what that had accomplished. 

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