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Has The Government Cut Its Own Throat?
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As you are, or should be well aware, the government is definitely out of control with their spending. They are also out of control on their taxing, in order to bring in more revenue, and in their regulations.

In my opinion, the government has made a huge mistake. Well, I think that they have made a lot of mistakes, and continue to do so on a daily basis. The mistake that I am talking about, has basically resulted in a huge downfall in the U.S. economy and a big decrease in the governments revenue.

They have successfully driven almost all of our manufacturers and large industries to other countries. The big businesses have moved to other countries, because the U.S. Government was requiring huge taxes from them, and imposing impossible regulations on them.

Yes, all businesses have to pay taxes, but the government was asking for so much tax from our largest businesses, and thus forced these businesses to move out of the United States.

The United States now has very few large manufacturers in this country. Having these companies move to other countries, has decreased the availability of jobs. So now, we have millions of individuals that no longer have jobs, because the companies that employed them are no longer here. The government has also lost all of the tax dollars that these companies were paying.

When you have people out of work, you have people that are no longer paying income taxes, because they no longer have a job. Not only are they no longer paying any taxes, most of the unemployed are collecting unemployment. It is only right that they collect the unemployment benefits, because their previous employer paid this money in to this fund.

If the government were not so greedy, and putting such a huge strain on big companies, they would still be in the United States. If they were still in the U.S., they would have employees, so unemployment would not be so high, and the companies would still be paying their corporate taxes, so the government would still be getting this revenue.

So, talk about cutting your own throat. I feel that this is exactly what the U.S. Government has done to themselves as well as to the American people. Through their own greed, in trying to gouge more money from big companies, they have basically forced them to move to other countries.

You have to understand, companies both big and small, are in business to make money, and if they begin to be taxed or overtaxed as well as over regulated by the government, then the only choice is to close down, or move out of the country all together.

There are so many companies that have moved to other countries, it is really sad, to think of all of the workers that it has left without jobs. If possible, I feel that our government should start working on a plan to try and bring these U.S. Companies back home, where they should be.

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I feel the same about government, they should put a flat tax like 15% on personal income and a smaller tax rate say 10% on large and small businesses alike it would make things a lot simplier . It might even bring a lot of businesses back and better yet everyone will be working and paying taxes.

  about 1 decade ago
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