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Have You Ever Been Left In The Dark?
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Have You Ever Been Left In the Dark?

The entire super structure of the the Western world is built upon the use of electricity and oil. Serious consequences are experienced whenever there is an interruption in the flow of either of these commodities.

We heat and cool our homes, cook our food, heat our water, light our streets and homes and manufacture everything we have or use from electricity.

Hurricanes rage up and down the Eastern seaboard every year. Flooding homes and business that have not been blown away before.

Heavy rains overrun our river banks flooding our home, farms and business. Shear winds blast down canyons destroying homes. Blizzards and heavy snow falls bring down our power lines, strand us in our homes, freeze and starve wildlife and farm animals.

Tornadoes, hundreds of them reported every year, devastating and destroying homes and communities. Range fires and forest fires destroy hundreds of thousands of acres and untold homes annually.

Entire electric grids going down affecting millions of home for no known or identifiable reason.

Solar Flares disrupting or destroying power sources and all modern electrical equipment and satellites.

And this says nothing about man made catastrophes either accidentally or accidentally on purpose.

But of course these events always happens to the "other guy".

Any one or all of these incidences could turn out your lights for hours, days, weeks or even months or years.

These are mass scale events that could and do affect millions of people.

Are you prepared for such an event for even a few hours, not to mention weeks or months?

But what of a much smaller event? An event that only affect you. Are prepared for something even that small? Have you ever been stranded on the road with no flashlight or tools to even change a tire or repair a simple mechanical problem?

Given the events of the world today, it is not beyond the realm of the imagination to imagine no one is immune to some form of needing to be prepared for various form of emergencies from the very low grade and mundane to the severe and life threatening kind.

Given the life styles of millions of people world wide, the availability of brief cases, purses, backpacks, satchels or even fanny packs it would be simple thing to carry some form of preparation with you at all times. A very simple LED flashlight comes in varying sizes and even shapes.

Having a small key chain LED flashlight can make entering your home much easier if the porch light is off or burned out.

Carrying a small LED headlight in your vehicle cold prove a great convenience if minor repairs are needed to be made during the night or even in dimly lit areas. Working in attics or under the house in crawl spaces would be ideal locations for using LED headlights, giving complete freedom to use both hands.

Carrying an emergency LED flashlight on your person at all times is now not only possible but advisable.

Having and carrying an LED flashlight to keep from being caught in the dark is just one very important thing to do as a step toward being prepared for small or large emergencies.

Being prepared is not just about not getting caught in the dark. It is preparing for anything and everything imaginable that can possibly be prepared for. Take the time to prepare to protect your family from the dark, cold, hunger and thirst. Prepare for tomorrow now by getting started today.

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