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In Defense Of The Rich
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I think it is about time someone stood up for the rich in America. These people have made their lives what they are. Too often people think negatively about them. However, many of the rich give something back to the community to improve the quality of life for us all.

I see people like Bill Gates as benevolent in that Microsoft employs thousands who make a living working for it. Without Bill Gates and Microsoft where would these people be? Would they have as good a job somewhere else? Those who start companies provide work for others. This generates funds to support our governments and other parts of the infrastructure which we too often take for granted.

Right here in the Delaware Valley we have some major companies to thank for keeping our standard of living where it is. Where would we be without companies like DuPont and W.L. Gore & Associates? All of us need these companies to support our families and the community.

I admire the founders of businesses for having the courage, talent, and drive to achieve what they have today. I find it appalling that someone here in America would say it is wrong to have money and as much money as one wants to earn. Every one of us has the right to earn, save, invest or spend their money any way they please. The rich have that same right, also. After all, would any of us want a restriction on how much money we could make? Would we want our multimillion dollar lottery winnings taken away because it is too much for anyone to have?

I do not suggest leaving your present job to start a business of your own without doing thorough research first. Besides knowing the business you want to enter, make sure you do your homework on what it takes to run a business. Years ago I heard that 50% of all new businesses fail. One should consider that possible failure as part of one’s business plan. However, if you want the brass ring, you must reach out for it. It will not come to you.

Bill Gates and his wife started the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, supporting health and learning throughout the world. They believe they have a responsibility to others to improve the world we live in and not just enjoy the things their money can buy. The things learned and taught by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation impact all of us by increasing our understanding of the world.

Andrew Carnegie built local libraries, asking the community to supply the books for the libraries. Asking the community to supply the books was fair because it gave them a sense of ownership in the library and it provided a way for them to share with each other. Mr. Carnegie gave and taught communities to give to one another, fostering the mutual support that we truly need to revive in our communities today.

When was the last time you gave something and expected nothing in return? The tremendous outpouring after the 9/11 attacks showed the capacity Americans have to help each other without relying exclusively on government funding. I helped 2 students with math without asking for so much as a cup of coffee for my time. I did this simply because they asked for my help and I could. One is a mother of 4 who wants her GED for helicopter pilot training. She aspires to pilot the state police helicopter, which serves our community. Helping her achieve her goal will move us all forward. One does not need to have a great sum of money to move us in a positive direction.

Take a moment sometime to think of the selfless and great things the rich and others have done to enrich our lives. I firmly believe in the maxim, “What goes around comes around.” Do you remember the last time you gave something to someone just because you could?

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I like your article and thought you expressed yourself very well. I see your point of view because I am also in the peasant class and this is the view we have been taught to believe and repeat in our peer review process. So it is a natural perspective to hold and share when asked, "how well does it all work and is it ok?" or "are the lords to blame for my constant toil?" I do not, however, personally agree with it. I really like your outspoken take on it, though, because of your passionate and well composed thoughts. Our differences are our strengths and free thought is the true gem of consciousness. Keep writing and I'll keep reading; you got me hooked cause I'm also passionate about this! : ) If you feel like hearing some thoughts from "the other side of the fence" check out my articles about how the powerful, not the rich per se (there is a big difference between real power and a bit of loot to throw around; millionaires are NOT powerful people!) have purposely orchestrated that commonly held belief structure to curb peasant uprisings. I look forward to your next article, people need to hear these thoughts. Cheers!

  about 1 decade ago
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