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Inspiration For Weight Loss - John Rhodes Is Biggest Loser
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Inspiration for Weight Loss - John Rhodes is Biggest Loser

The biggest loser television program has been on for years. Most of the contestants who have participated have learned a new way to think about food, how to exercise, and to not use food as a stress relieving tool, like John Rhode, the latest “Biggest Loser,” and winner of this seasons show. He really is an inspiration for weight loss! If he can do it, any one can.

John lost 220 pounds in the time he was on the ranch and working with his trainer. Now I am not a regular watcher of the show like I am Survivor, but I heard about this guy from Mesa, AZ who started at 445 pounds and wanted to get on the show to learn how to not use food the way he was using it: for stress relief. He went on the show to get his life back.

Now I don’t think 445 pound guys with their shirt off is a pretty sight. It kind of grosses me out! No man should be that big! How does someone get to that weight and not realize long before that it’s time to do something. How do you even function at that weight? I love food too, but if I had to look at myself in the mirror at 445 pounds I would be severely depressed.

Now that’s just my opinion! I love to eat too! There are so many good healthy foods out there to enjoy, but if I enjoy too many of them, then I’ll pack on the pounds. So it’s all about restraint and realizing what the result of exceeding your needed calorie intake will do to your body.

Yet I know that John’s story is an inspiration for weight loss around the world. Just check the hits on Google. Millions are searching his name to find out more about the man who shed 220 pounds to become half the man he was. How many people can say “my goal is to become half the man I was!”

Now, his biggest fear is that he will not have the will power to resist food without the help of his previous trainers and coaches. That is a struggle that some of these contestants don’t ever overcome. Over time they put the weight back on because they just can’t do it without the pressure applied by someone else strong enough to keep them in line.

I am sure John will have lots of support and people to remind him of where he had been, and where he is now, and help him keep the weight off. Trust me, I know it’s a daily battle to fight the battle of the bulge, but it’s day by day. If you have an eating and exercise plan, and stick to it no matter what, you will suceed! Perhaps John should create a Blog and post weekly updates that folks can respond to. If he shared what he really went through to lose the weight, he could continue to be an inspiration for weight loss via the Internet. Then we could hold him accountable to what he started.

Hang in there John! Just apply what you learned and you’ll be fine!

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