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Is Stress In Young Adults On The Rise?
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According to a recent report from a researcher at Greenwich University stress in young adults is on the rise. Although the 20s and 30s have always been considered the ‘prime of life’, now many young people are finding that they suffer from anxiety and are struggling with feelings of self doubt. A new phrase has been coined to describe this new phenomenon– the “quarter-life-crisis” Apparently many young adults are feeling trapped by the multitude of choices they have.

I would hesitate to pour scorn on anyone who is struggling with any type of stress, but I really dislike this tendency we have these days to put a label on almost every aspect of our lives. Stress is a normal part of our lives, which everyone suffers from and we have to learn how to manage it properly. Of course if it isn’t managed then the range of symptoms that people experience such as sleeplessness, anxiety, panic attacks and depression can become much worse. However, I’m not sure that stress in young adults is worse today than it has ever been.

I never thought that when I was twenty it was the best time of my life, I found it all too confusing. Now I’m a lot older I am convinced that it is not the prime time of most people’s life except that one’s physical fitness is generally better at that age and if you’re a woman, much better for child bearing. It is true today that young adults have many more choices than young adults in the past, but does that really mean there was less stress? I believe stress in young adults was just as prevalent in the past as it is now, people were just stressed about different things.

One of the issues mentioned in the report is the greater choice of jobs makes it difficult for some young adults. However, whether you have the options of 4 careers or 20 careers, if none of them feel right then I believe the levels of stress would ultimately be very similar. According to the report pressure from parents is also adding to stress in young adults but pushy parents or parents wanting certain things for their children is hardly a new phenomenon.

The researcher puts this ‘quarter-life-crisis’ down to the dissatisfaction that many young people feel now because they want everything so much more quickly. They want success quickly, the right job and the perfect marriage or relationship. Instead of re-evaluating their lives during a ‘mid-life-crisis’ as many people have done in the past, Dr Robinson believes that the pressures of modern life are making some young adults doing it much earlier. He does however, believe that any young adult who suffers a quarter-life crisis now, minimises the chances of having a ‘mid-life-crisis’ later.

Dr Robinson came to his conclusions based on interviewing a sample of only 50 people, but he is not alone in believing that stress in young adults is quite different today. Gary Cooper, Professor of Psychology and Health at Lancaster University also recognises that the challenges faced by young adults today is quite different saying that today they face far less security and structure.

It is quite clear that whether you’re a young adult or an older adult we all need strategies to help us cope with a variety of stresses in life. There are different strategies you can use. It's important that you find the ones that work for you.

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