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LED Flashlights And LED Headlights Are Necessary Tools For Winter Storm Preparedness
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LED Flashlights And LED Headlights Are Necessary Tools for Winter Storm Preparedness

Where was Moses when the lights went out?

Wintertime brings it's own set of unique challenges. Being prepared as much as possible is only smart thinking. Getting caught in winter storm when the lights go out is not a fun nor a good place to be. So, before winter gets in full swing now is a good time to get that winter preparedness kit in order.

These tips should may get your thinking cap on as to some things you may need to do to keep your family, pets, stock and yourself safe from winter's fury.

Make your watch word. "Plan for the worst, but hope for the best." Be a planner, be safe rather than sorry.

Alternative Heat

Perhaps the most important thing to be taken care of first in a winter storm power outage is having some form of alternative heat source.

If the power one goes down for a few hours there is not much danger to home occupants or to freezing water lines. However, if the power goes down for days or weeks it an absolute must to have a heat source for everyone's well being and to keep those water pipes from bursting.

Having some kind of wood burning device would be a great alternative heat source. Almost all modern furnaces require power to run the fan and the gas ignition device. So unless some kind of backup power source is available something that does not use electricity is a must. Stockpiling enough wood for several days or weeks would be in order for winter preparedness.

While you are at it, keep plenty of working fire extinguishers on hand and know how to use them.

Snow and Ice Control

After a humungous snow storm you may not be able to see the top of your car. Having supplies on hand and handy for digging out from the house to take care of live stock and accessing your vehicles will be necessary. Having some kitty litter, sand or salt on hand for some traction assistance is smart planning.

General Preparedness

If you have ever been caught in really bad snow storm when or just had the power go down when the wind is blowing hard and it has not come back on until hours later you know just how important being prepared is.

Having extra warm clothing and blanks or sleeping bags on hand. Cold weather sleeping bags are better at keeping you warm than blankets. Having easy to prepare meals and water on hand will take the edge off of the situation. It is recommended having not less than three to five days emergency rations on hand at all times. Canned or non perishable good is best. And on gallon of water per person per day is necessary. Having a small first aide kit and some sanitary goods like toilet paper is also going to help. Don't forget to have some way of heating up those groceries and fuel to run whatever you choose to use.Alternative

Lighting Sources

No winter preparations are complete without having some kind of LED Flashlights and batteries on hand. When that light switch is flipped and the lights do go on, you want to know where you can instantly put your hands on a flashlight. Keeping flashlights and lanterns and long burning candles will keep you out of the dark. Not being able to see is very stressful and scary at best and worst dangerous. Keep those batteries fresh and surplus one on hand and keep those spirits up.

If you are wondering why LED flashlight here a couple or three good reasons. The bulbs almost never burn out and they last infinitely longer than standard bulbs. They provide strong light for longer periods of time. All of which is preferable in an emergency situation.


Having a hand crank dynamo radio on hand for emergencies will also help to give you peace of mind and security. Not knowing can be very depressing. The on question on everyone's mind when the power goes down, is when is the power coming back up? The last thing you want to year is something like three weeks. But at least then you know what to plan for because now the preparing is over.

Keeping these tips in mind and more as your circumstance may require will help to give you peace of mind and most of all keep your family safe when the lights go out.

Answer. In the dark.

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