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Letter To Syrian Presidents Wife
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Letter to Syrian Presidents Wife

The effect of mass communication - wow!

The news item that got top slot yesterday was the letter to the Syrian Presidents wife. This was from the wives of the British and German ambassadors to the United Nations and actually was a video released on Tuesday urging the Syrian Presidents wife to speak out and demand that her husband stop the violence now. I must have watched it 10 times during the day and it is still making the headlines today (Wednesday). Doesn't this just show us that the World is now a very small place and mass communications are at the touch of a button - in case any of us needed telling this by the way.

A new era of lobbying?

By bringing this letter / video out at such a high International level, (let's hasten to add that the UN did not say this was official policy), have we entered a new era of lobbying? I think we have and we will I am sure see this used much more prominantly as we go forward in time. The effect has surely been optimised by the high profile of the Authors, and also the International coverage achieved by it. We haven't really seen this at an international level before, have we?.

Optimising Content at this level?

Can you imagine the thought process which the authors went through in order to optimise the content - all Street Article writes take note - knowing that this would be shown world wide on Television? Keywords needed no effort - Violence, Stopping. Getting the content together would have been a major effort, marrying the messages around the video of the Syrian Presidents Wife, stating that she supported the rights of everyone to live in peace and harmony. The interesting thing for me was the excellent way in which they showed the play on the jet set style life of the Presidents wife versus the life which wives in the conflict had to manage. Those two first slides grabbed my attention immediately, and made me continue to watch the remaining video. Fantastic opening message - great stuff.

Four minutes of messages with a question.

The message is very strong throughout but it ends with an even stronger one which is actually a question - "One day, our children will ask us what we have done to stop this bloodshed. What will your answer be Asma? This is so true as a question which children will ask in the future as they look at history which is being played out before our eyes now - today.

It also is a very relevant question for all of us isn't it?

As writers I think we can learn a lot from this video - what do you think?

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