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Man Arrested For Punching Son At Basketball Tournament
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Man Arrested for Punching Son at Basketball Tournament

Franz is taking a break from his usual article writing focus to comment on a story that was just posted on Yahoo. This is appalling!! This is wrong on so many levels! I suppose if this is the way this poor kid gets treated at home, behind closed doors, we hear stories of how kids wind up killing their abuser, or becoming one themselves. This is not what should be happening during the Christmas season!

Apparently an eighth grader participated in a basketball tournament where this kid’s team lost. His father was at the game, and afterward was spotted in the hallway beating up his son. I think he thought they were alone, and he just could not control himself. But fortunately people were there to witness the attack.

The father had grabbed the son by the arm and was hitting him in the face, all because he was upset at his performance on the court. People nearby intervened and broke up the beating before medical attention was needed. Fortunately the boy was okay! But what about his mental anguish. To have something like that happen in front of his friends and team mates.

I am afraid this is not an uncommon tale. There are many over zealous parents forcing their children to stardom in sports they may actually not enjoy. Fortunately my parents allowed me to pursue sports I was interested, and was good at, as opposed to forcing me to play a sport they wanted me involved in. I guess it’s kind of like living vicariously through your children. But when they don’t live up, then what?

I guess this guy spent a night in jail, a possible $3,000 fine, and maybe even 90 days more in jail. I hope the judge makes an example of him and gives him the maximum sentence for such an inexcusable act. It’s your son for God’s sake. What would posses a parent to do such a thing! He should be proud of him no matter the outcome! Where’s the love?

What makes this even sadder for me is the comments people are leaving in regards to the news story. Things like: “it will make him a man, he’ll know how to fight, he’ll get even in a few years, it’s just a game, get over it!” What is wrong with people these days!

It is unfortunate to think that if the father does that to his son in public, what is happening at home. I am sure that this event will now allow that possible scenario to unfold. If abuse exists at home then hopefully the boy will be removed, because Mom sure doesn’t seem to be helping, if there even is one.

The lesson here: Husbands love your wives, Wives love you husbands, Parents love your Children, and Children, love, respect, and obey your Parents just as Christ did the same for us! Put Christ back in Christmas and show some love this holiday season! The world would be a better place!

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Child abuse is a horrific reality of modern life. In my childhood years, I received many a beating on the tail end, and in hind site I deserved it. But never for sport. I was allowed to play all sports, and the encouragement from my parents made me strive for excellence. This was my philosophy with my children. Sport for children, is such a great mind developing exercise, and treatment of this nature can destroy the child's future.

  about 1 decade ago
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