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Marijuana Atm Machine
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Marijuana Atm Machine

A new business is about to explode in Colorado"marijuana ATM machine". With the new law in Colorado amendment 64, which mean you can smoke weed for recreation purposes if you're over 21 years of age. It passed on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012.

ATM machines isn't just for money

No more going to the weed-man, just drive to your local marijuana ATM machine Slide in your card and bingo, marijuana is dispense.

How to use the weed vending machine

The weed ATM resembles a vending machine that you would find in a break room, The one's in California want you to apply for a registration card that you get from a doctor. You take the card to the automated medical marijuana dispensary, use your finger print to proof you identification and then you pin number.

What's you flavor? Word is that there will have different flavors to pick from, just like food vending machine have different foods and pops. I'm sure there will be different prices.

list of weed flavors

  • blueberry
  • bubblegum
  • bobby brown
  • green monster
  • Afghanistan
  • bin laden
  • strawberry deluxe
  • blue bomber
  • gorilla green

There are many more flavors out there. Though the years weed became evolved with high THC this is a compound of cannabis. THC is what gives the marijuana it's kick.

Business opportunity in Colorado

I see weed cafe's and marijuana ATM machine , the new business in Colorado, soon you will start to see a lot of these businesses pop up.

In Denver, club 64 launches they're first cafe smoking den on new years eve with a fee of $29.00 to join, you had to bring you own weed. More and more people are buying smoking dens, and soon marijuana ATM machine will be a big business they'll be lined up and down the streets like red box.

Will all the states follow?

Right now Colorado is the stage for amendment 64. If everything goes well with Colorado, I'm sure other states will follow, This could help the economy, or hurt it. Personally I like the Ideal this means more opportunity for people to make money and be happy while they're doing it.

I almost want to move to Colorado and purchase some dens or machines, or buy up some acres and become a weed farmer wearing coveralls and drive a tractor. the possibility are endless, I wonder will there be drug test for jobs in the mile high, If not a lot of people will be getting hired. Leave a comment tell me what you think I would like to here your opinion.

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