Namaste Telangana Epaper
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Namaste Telangana Epaper

There are many Telugu news papers available in the market like Eenadu lead by Ramoji Rao, Sakshi lead by Y. S. Jagan mohan reddy, Andhra Jyothi, Andhra Prabha, Vaartha, Praja Sakthi, Andhra Boohmi etc.. All these papers publishes news covering all aspects.

As Telanga seperate state agitation is in its peak stage, telangana people eagerly want to have their dedicated regional news paper. This leads to the establishment of Namaste Telangana News Paper. It was launched on 6th June 2011. It covers all the telangana regional news and published from all the 10 telangana districts. The districts are Adilabad, Nizamabad, Karimbagar, Warangal, Khammam, Nalgonda, Medak, Rangareddy, Hyderabad and Mahabubnagar. This news paper is registered on the name of Telangana Publications Pvt. Ltd. The CEO of this paper is Mr. Katta Sekar Reddy and the well know chief editor Mr. Allam Narayana.  

This paper came with a caption "Mana Patrika Mana Atmagouravam", which means "Our Paper Our Self Respect". The paper is published with main edition and district edition. The main edition consists of 14 pages which mainly focus on Telangana news. The paper is divided into different articles.

It has the following articles: 1) Telangana: Covers all the news from the Telangana region 2) Seemandra: It covers the news from the rest of two regions from Andhra Pradesh State. 3) Jatiyam: it covers the National news. 4) Antarjatiyam: It covers the news across the world. 5) Khel: It covers the sports news. 6) Vanijyam: it covers the business news. 7) Sampadakiyam: it is an editor page. 8) Editspage: it covers the editors news. 9) NRI: it covers the news from the Non Residents Indians. 10) Cinema: this page covers the movie news 11) Features: this covers various features like Tech knowledge, life, weekly special, English etc. 12) Sahityam: it covers Katalu (stories) and Kavitalu (poems)  

It also publishes a special Sunday edition. Namaste Telangana Telugu news paper comes in different forms. One with the hard copy and one as an epaper.  

Namaste Telangana epaper is a pdf version of the Namaste Telangana news paper. This epaper is supported by most of the browsers. This epaper is targeted with the online readers. It is very user friendly and the reader can even download the pdf version and read it off line. It also comes with the features to select individual article and open it in a new window and read. The reader can also zoom the paper to view it clearly. You can get more information and latest news from Telangana at Namaste Telangana Epaper.  It is an useful asset for all the internet users including Telangana NRI people. This also supports the social networking to share with others. In all I can say it is another useful Telugu news epaper.

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this paper is good other wise the so called Andra rascals have dominated us.

  about 3 years ago
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