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The Israel prime minister and President Obama had a face-off over Obama's naive assumption that Israel would give up lands gained during war with Egypt and other nations, a war that could have removed Israel from the face of the earth. Israel has moved into those lands and intends to keep them. They are not going to go back to pre-1967.

Obama's silly proposal showed how out-of-touch he is with realities. Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu make him look like a fool despite his trying to be polite. He was the teacher and Obama was the kid in the dunce cap sitting in the corner. I have never seen Obama so humiliated and embarrassed.

As I said, I voted for Obama because I was not pleased with McCain's poor judgement in selecting Sarah Palin who was too inexperienced to hold the vice presidency. My worry is that John McCain has had health problems and he spend a horrible five years in a Hanoi prison camp. Little did I know that experience wise and intelligence wise, Obama was no different than Sarah Palin. That may sound harsh but I think it is the truth.

Rush Limbaugh, the Right Wing Radio big-mouth thinks that Obama was a deceptive candidate who knew and knows what he is doing. I don't give him that much credit.

So, Obama set there while Netanyahu gave him a history lesson. You would think that Obama would have been given a decent orientation by his staff before he made his silly suggestion. For some unknown reason, I see Hillary Clinton in the middle of this. "Bill, why don't we tell Israel to move out of a good part of their territory? Before 1967 sounds good to me. What do you think?"

Obama gave no inkling what Palestine should do. This was about Israel, not Palestine. There was not consideration at all that Israel must negotiate with terrorist-led countries. Netanyahu pointed this out to our non-presidential school boy.

In June of 1967, Israel led a preemptive air attack on her enemies. She was attacked by Jordon, Syria and Jordan, taking territory from these countries as she showed her superiority with good equipment and well-trained forces. A friend of mine was in Jerusalem when the war started. He and his wife were scarred to death. (I also had a friend in India staying in a hotel during the start of the India / Pakistan War, a fellow professor at Iowa State University. He was scared too. All those bombs going off!)

Netanyahu pointed out that moving the borders would put Israel in a less defensive position. They need to keep the high ground gained by the blood of their solders. (Actually, that is not what he said. He didn't mention the blood of his solders. I thought it sounded more dramatic.)

Clinton and George W. Bush had the same silly plan but they used different wording. And of course, the astute Mr. Netanyahu was not playing a major role back then. Well, the White House got out their whitewash and brushes and changed the meaning of Obama's words. He really meant that the 1967 lines were just a starting point as prescribed by Clinton and George W. Bush.

Now do you think we country pumkins in Idaho believe that?

Fly Old Glory!

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