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New Year's Resolutions I Wish Celebrities Would Adhere To
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New Year\'s Resolutions I Wish Celebrities Would Adhere To

I was reading an article earlier today about ‘celebrities’ and their New Year’s resolutions. Like most people they seemed to make and break a lot of them throughout the year. Anyway, I decided to write this tongue in cheek article about the resolutions that I wish that certain celebrities would adhere to.

I decided not to name names. I don't think it's necessary. I’m sure you’ll be able to think of your own examples. These are my top 20.

1. Stop using Twitter to take a swipe at your exes or soon to be exes. Trying to win the sympathy vote is really undignified. Some things just ought to be private.

2. Stop sending photos on Twitter in a state of undress to your followers. It’s not cool and you just look insecure.

3. Stop using Twiiter to share all sorts of personal information and then moaning about invasion of privacy.

4. Stop pretending that your Twitter followers are your friends and how much you need their hugs and support. It sounds phoney. Try talking to your real friends

5. Stop saying that you’re misunderstood and the reason for taking part in a reality programme is so that everyone can see the ‘real you’

6. Stop trying to pretend that your impossibly young features are down to face cream or exceptional genes when you know that you’ve had Botox or fillers. These procedures are so common, no one is going to care if you’re honest about it.

7. Stop pretending that you lost your baby weight in a couple of weeks without the aid of a starvation diet, a personal trainer and hours on the treadmill.

8. Stop pretending that you’re very slim body is as a result of your genes rather than a restricted diet when there are plenty of pictures of you being larger. You don’t lose puppy fat in your 30s!

9. Stop spending huge amounts on lavish weddings with television cameras in tow only to split up a short time later.

10. Stop carrying your babies or toddlers around all the time. They look like fashion accessories. Put them in a sling or a pram occasionally or let them walk!

11. Stop pretending that you’re just the run of the mill parents when you have an army of nannies and helpers behind you.

12. Stop using stylists – are you aware of just how often they get it wrong and you look ridiculous?

13. Stop preaching about green issues to the rest of us while increasing your carbon foot print by constantly flying round the world.

14. Stop parading your families when you get caught cheating on your partners. What you do in your life is up to you – but don’t then use them for a photo opportunity.

15. Stop pretending that you new body is a result of healthy food and exercise rather than a gastric band. It’s the hypocrisy that people can’t tolerate.

16. Stop sharing your miracle tips for weight loss, silky hair or anything else associated with healthy living. Too often the science does not back up what you’re saying.

17. Stop complaining about being recognised and stopped by members of the public. There are plenty of people who do travel incognito because they’ve always kept their public and private lives separate.

18. Stop wearing garments that are so short or show so much cleavage they barely cover your dignity.

19. Stop snogging in public. We know you’re in a hot relationship but you look like teens who can’t control yourselves.

20. Stop moaning about ageism in the film industry when you’ve had a long and lucrative career. It’s far more difficult for people who don’t earn your sort of wages.

Well that’s my rant over and done with. Frankly I'm not very optimistic about certain celebrities adherering to any of these! We all know there are those that are addicted to Twitter or an urge to share every moment of their lives with the public at the same time as crying foul over media interest.

What do you wish celebrities would stop doing this year?

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