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No More Control - Fears Of Man
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No More Control - Fears Of Man

Fear is one of mans greatest hurdles, for it is fear that controls the minds of man. We all have fear of the unknown but there is an inherent psychological fear of himself that guides his thoughts and actions that only critical thought and self critique can overcome. Whether this fear of self is a part of human nature or a societal encroachment on the thoughts of man is open to debate, but fear is one of our greatest adversaries.

Fear Of The Truth

By nature we are all competitive. We compete each and every day of our lives. We compete for a mate, we compete for our careers and recognition without in most cases even realizing it. Understandable in the big scheme of things as we are animals and the competition for survival is very strong. The problem however, is the ability of fear to remove our sense of reality. Fear can distort our perceptions of the world and our immediate surroundings and cause us to be removed from rational thought. Fear of the truth is the enemy of a rational, fair and just society. Failure to accept truth can only lead to chaos and its inherent destructive nature. We all fear the truth, and must consciously be aware not only of our surroundings but moreover ourselves, critically attacking our own reasoning. Only in this way can we remove bias and prejudice in our decision making. Think.... Challenge what you are thinking, mentally providing rational evidence to support your thoughts changing as needed as determined by evidence. Evidence must be factual and not circumstantial or imagined. If you can't back up your thoughts and actions with valid proof, say nothing do nothing. Always correct wrong information. Fear of the truth leads to a society of falsities, outright lies and deceit.

Fear of Being Alone

Man has always contemplated the heavens and the realms of space and the Universe. He has an inherent fear of being alone in the cosmos and has, over thousands of years tried to explain our beginnings. Gods, demigods and hero's abound in our stories of the past and predictions of the future. Yet is it our fear of being alone that has forced us in our mind to create the ideas of some greater power that watches over us? Our ignorance of the Universe and the forces of nature have led us to create monsters and demons to account for the unexplained where science and reason have failed. Failure however, is a part of learning, and in time science does provide the answers but we are so impatient we just fill in the gaps with fairy tales and distorted logic. The problem here is that these false or unproven beliefs have followed us throughout history and still hold a strong grip on our minds today even though no proof has been found in thousands of years.

The search for truth can be the only true path for any society to survive. Only through accepting the truth and embracing it whole-heartedly can we move forward both as unique individuals and as a society as a whole. Any society that embraces falsities and deception seeks only to control the minds of its people for the benefit of a few rather than enhancing all. Only by practicing truth, and abhorring deceit can we truly live in harmony and put aside the fears of man.

Street Talk

Hi. I agree, there is success in failure, we have but to look. And fearing failure is no reason not to try. Thanks for this

  about 9 years ago
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