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No More Control - Foundation For A Terran Society - Education
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No More Control  -  Foundation For A Terran Society  -  Education

Imagine a world that has no poverty or crimes of poverty and greed. A world where your children are free to learn at their own pace, being taught at least at the early stages of life by those whom love them and cherish the fresh creativity of the young human mind. A mind without bias or prejudice. A mind that does not know greed or craves material things. A mind that is open and ready to learn and at the same time is praised for creativity.

Now imagine a world where each and every person has the opportunity to explore the world around them. Being given every opportunity to follow their own path of learning and creativity that is directly related to their abilities and desires. A world where literacy and creativity go hand in hand rather than separated with the creativity quelled in favor of pure academics. A world where the artist and musician are just as important to society as the scientist or engineer. Where staying at home forsaking work and career to better raise your children because you can.

Think how it would be if everyone liked their role in life because they chose their own path of education and desires where the only thing that determines a persons role is their intellect and motivations. A world that understands and appreciates that we are all genetically unique. Realizing that this uniqueness is what allows for the Einsteins and Mozart's. That random chain of chemical reactions that makes each and every one of us different and diversity is praised not subdued.

Now imagine a world where there is no money at least in the terms we think of. More of a need based economic system that efficiently manages precious resources, ensures all people have the basics needed to live a healthy and happy life. Where individuals are praised for their contribution to society by allocating more resources to them as a way of showing appreciation for being dedicated to what ever it is you do. Where all people progress through life and life gets better not worse.

A world with true freedom and liberty where we are not shackled with debt. A world where the truth is cherished and deceit is unacceptable. A world that is committed to the quest for truth and not riddled with lies and disinformation. A world that is sustainable, and the human mind is valued not thrown away in the name of profit. This is a world that is possible. It would not be easy as those who hold seats of power are not willing to give it up. These are the people that have destroyed our freedom, robbed us of our liberty and creativity. These are the few whom own everything and share nothing.

The Foundation For Terran Society is based on education, physical and mental health, a need based economy and the search for truth. Working together for a better world where everyone is equal. No man is above the law. No man has power over another and no child will ever go hungry.

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