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Obama Approval Ratings Drop Again
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President Obama's approval ratings have dropped again. The Congress has even worse ratings, in fact, by far. One of the dumbest things I did was vote for Obama. Sarah Palin scared me off from John McCain whom I wanted to vote for. I was afraid that Palin would be another Bush, irrational and uninformed about what is really going on in the world.

It was not Sarah's fault of course. She was taken by surprise and had not time to appear intelligent. The press clobbered her and McCain (for making the decision) and that was the end of a great American's chance for the White House. Actually, I thought that McCain could die in office and that Sarah would become president. Scary!

Obama had bad luck and bad judgement. He collected a horrendous list of problems from the Bush Administration, the two endless wars that committed troops to Iraq and Afghanistan (forever). I know that are troops are going to be in Afghanistan for a long time because my neighbors son has been building barracks there for over a year and he plans to be there a lot longer. That was the bad luck.

The bad judgement shared by Bush and McCain was that they increased government spending tremendously. The Republicans are trying to blame Obama for all of this but they were right in the middle off it. This hypocrisy has not gone well with the American people so the Congress has horrible public approval ratings. Blubbering John Boehner is not held in high regard.

Obama pledged to increase medical spending to get elected. He picked the wrong time to do it. That decision alone caused him to lose the midterm election giving the Tea Party radicals a big hand in government. Now Republican politicians are terrified by the Tea Party and those who have not been kicked out of office are afraid they will be in the next election and are sucking up to the Tea Party inviting themselves to Tea Party functions where they are not wanted. Orrin Hatch was cosy with Ted Kennedy. That will be enough to defeat him in Utah. Look what happened to Bennett, a very good and hard-working senator.

Senator Bennett said he was glad to be out of Washington. He said he was tired of the continued strategy of the Republican party to accuse Obama of every possible evil (which is the apparent strategy of the Republicans to change America to a one-party system.)

The situation in Washington is so bad that Donald Trump sees his chance to grab the reigns of the world. Trump knows all about bankruptcy and business disasters so he would fit right in with the other geniuses running our country. I don't know Trump very well. I was a pall bearer with Trump at the funeral of one of his executives. I do know about him from those who worked for him. I was told that his brother, Robert, is a less profane and more desirable person to work for.

But The Donald would surely be dominant. God knows what he would do to or for the country. He seems to love Palin so that could be against in in some ways and for him in others. He is in the biggest poker game of his life and he must be taken seriously. But he needs to get rid of his small mindedness. Well, that is not going to happen if he thinks it will get him votes.

Some polls show the Obama would clobber Trump in an election, that the other Republicans would do better. Some Americans feel the Republicans do not have a favorable candidate and that they need a new face. Is Trump that face? He has been heard to say that he might run as an Independent. Now that would scare the Republicans to death.

Fly Old Glory to show your support for the service men and women who must follow the dictates of Washington politicians.

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