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Our Personal Values
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Our Personal Values

Often we use the word "values" in our conversations, not just in labor conversations but also in personal ones.

Some questions come to my mind and may be you could help me to answer:

* Do we have each one of us clearly defined our values?

* Can our values change depending on the situation in which we are?

* Do we know clearly which values are we going to inculcate to our children?

The truth is that those questions have not a clear answer, but we should be able to answer them.

Our values must be clear for us, they must guide us in every steps that we do in any situation; those values that we must put before any complication or negative ambition.

I'd like to share with you a relation of those values that I consider the most important, as much for us as for our children:

Respect. Respect towards the people that surround us, independent if we agree or not with them. Humans we have the capacity to decide with who we like to be and with who we don't. There are situations like the labor ones in which such decision does not exist and we must share our time with people that we don't like or we don't agree with, but this is a clear situation to apply the respect.

Simplicity. We are an addition of our genes, our education, our ambition and our luck. But all this does not provide us any superiority. We can be better or worse, but in both circumstances the importance is relative, which leads us to simplicity. We are not on top of anybody, we're just us.

Disposition. We can walk alone by the life ignoring what happens around us, as if we where a furniture with wheels, or we can be with the disposition to help whoever can needs any help at any moment. If each person would have just an small percentage of disposition, the world would be really different.

Commitment. Each one of us must have the possibility of choosing our own way and our actions, but once chosen we must be committed with them, we must try to obtain the desired objectives. We must extend the commitment further than us, we must be committed with our surrounding people and friends.

Positivism. It is one of my key values, mainly because it is going to help us to go through many situations. It depends on whether you see the glass half-full or half-empty. Positivism is automatically transmitted to others and creates a better atmosphere around us. It helps us to minimize the difficulties. Our mind is different when positive, it's stronger.

Dynamism. A life seated on a sofa or a life moving, knowing, doing, enjoying and sharing? I think the choice is clear, isn't it?

Ambition. The degree of the ambition is variable, but always we must have some, but just positive ambition. The positive ambition is the energy that drive us to move forward, to be better, to grow, but we cannot use ambition to advance at any price, we must remember all the others values.

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