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Painbody And National Identiry
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Painbody And National Identiry

I wonder if it ever happened to you that a situation escalated in such a manner that you could not control your feelings anymore. It was not you, not the real you who was there in that moment.

Have you seen your partner, a family member or a friend in a similar situation when a small incident turned into such an overblown drama that you wondered where this all came from? You hardly could recognize the person in that situation?

I think most frequently we see this incident on the roads as a form of road rage. Typically, the escalation can't be stopped and nothing you can say that would calm the person down or stop the escalation. According to spiritual teacher and famous author, Eckhart Tolle, the person's 'painbody' has been activated.

Most people have experienced when after a small incident or a comment, an avalanche of negative feelings took power and nothing could stop those feelings. Although, your day started well, the whole day turned into a disaster after the incident because you just could not snap out of it?

It looks like a small incident or even a comment can activate past memories, negative feelings, even previous emotional sufferings in us. Many of these origins from childhood, when we were unable to understand, face it, question it and resolve the situation. These unresolved situations and problems still sit there in our memories although we have put them aside. However, because we have not dealt with them they can be activated very easily. Lot of times we are not even aware of the existance of these experiences, so deeply we buries them.

Many times these unresolved issues relate to the relationship of our parents. We saw, heard or witnessed scenes that we did not want to be part of and could not justify as a child. We did not want to engage in those situations and did not want to feel those feelings. Frequently, similar things happen in our lives but this time we, as adults experience these situations and feelings but because we have not learned to deal with them in our childhood, we follow the same pattern. We push them aside, unresolved.

These experiences and feeling just keep piling up in us until an innocent comment or incident triggers these memories and explode in us. Our reaction to the incident is totally out of proportion and unexplainable to the rational mind.

Feelings that have similar frequency, like anger and fear, attract each other and blend well.

Not only individuals have painbodies but there is such as collective painbody experience. Communities that go through the same trauma like 9/11, national disasters and wars leave marks on the community and the identity of a nation.

Countries that went through sufferings of centuries still have this vibration present and is carried on for generations. Those who are born into these cultures inherit this mindset, live in this vibration and carry on in their genes. It is present in a nation's language, expressions, literature, drama, plays, music, paintings, sculptures and in the whole thinking and attitude of the nation. It is part of their history and their education. It is an energy field that you live in and breathe in. It is very difficult to get away from it and clear it. Almost impossible.

Many believes that humanity has a painbody that we all inherit and carry on in our genes. In every human being there is a painbody present.

It is worth discovering and observing this painbody inside. When it is dormant, it is silent, and does not cause much problem. However, in the moment when it periodically becomes active, it needs 'feeding'. It is particularly dangerous in relationships when the partner uses us to feed painbody or we use our partner to feed our own painbody. Whoever starts the fight, even the smallest comment or incident becomes such a huge issue that it can't be stopped or controlled. This is what painbody enjoys and feeds on.

The best way to deal with painbody is by observing it. At first to observe it in others then in ourselves. Being aware of painbody is half the success. One characteristics of painbody is that it uses your mind. It pretends to be you. Pain takes you over and you become totally miserable. It feeds on you. It keeps doing this until it is fed and it's full.

If you don't have a partner, painbody frequently settles in your head and feeds itself through your negative thoughts. It creates such an energy field that has similar frequency to its own. Painbody loves your negative thoughts.

Just by watching your thoughts and becoming aware of these thoughts you are able to stop the feeding process and put painbody to sleep. If you can develop an even more advanced technique of watching your thoughts and eliminating negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones, you will be able to conquer painbody more and more frequently.

It is important to know that we are only capable of thinking one thing. Which means you only can think of a positive or a negative thought. The moment you change the negative thought to positive, the negative is gone and painbody is dormant.

In my view, based on my experience in yoga practice, Tolle's painbody concept is similar and maybe based on the yoga and meditation principals of awareness of our thoughts and emptying our mind according to the Eastern Philosophies.

What I found personally fascinating about this theory, especially extending it to the existence of collective and national painbody is that my nation of origin, the Hungarians had a unique, long suffering and strong survival history being in Central Europe. This tiny but very strong nation has been dominated by many other nations for hundreds of years and survived many bloodbaths in the last more than one thousand years in the heart of Europe. Our culture and traditions very much reflect the existence of this painbody of which I was aware even as a child.

Our beautiful national anthem, our poetry, our music, our archaic and very difficult language, our dramas and plays all soaked up the vibration and frequency of the nation's past sufferings. This makes Hungarians a big survival nation that can love and enjoy life. A nation, whose sons and daughters can settle and succeed anywhere in the world. A nation, whose traditions and celebrations compare to no other and richness of culture feeds from this huge painbody.

When close to twenty years ago I arrived to Australia, almost right away I sensed a lightness and felt a relief. I was very much aware of the difference Australian culture represented. While I was frustrated every day of my new life here, I was pushed and pulled by this nation and the land to face my Hungarian painbody. Although Tolle helped me to put my feelings into clear words, the thoughts, feelings and the whole concept was sitting there for a long time waiting to be expressed.

I very much miss what made Hungary what it is. A deep thinking, deep feeling, rich cultured nation with traditions and memories and old values. Its people are smart, hard working, diligent and talented. Their heart is bleeding but sings all the time. There is a deep bond betwen people that comes from this shared past and history. My blood comes from there.

Australia is a young, fresh and light nation with a very small painbody. It is almost painful, how small compared to Hungary. But this made me realize that I don't need to suffer, struggle, torture myself and that life can be different. It is almost painful to think and I feel guilty that I have a chance to live a lighter life. There are times when nature here in Australia makes me fly and gives me wings. Even as an artist, I enjoy a level of creativity that I have never thought I am capable.

God Bless the Hungarians. Australians let all rejoice for we are young and free.

Cheers, Piroska

Street Talk

Thanks Anna. I think this is an interesting approach to a very important topic! Just keep watching the presence of painbody in others. Just today I observed in a group on Facebook, truly blew my mind!

  about 9 years ago
Anna Ware  

Brilliant article. Fasinating.

  about 9 years ago
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