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Political Correctness Is A Crime
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Political Correctness is A Crime

The news that gets reported to us today is often politically biased. The media does not so much report the news any more as they create it. It is called Political Correctness (PC) and it is at best a social injustice and at worst a dangerous nightmare.

In every democracy people should have the freedom to say what they think. That freedom is in danger today. The politically correct “hit squad” has a way of silencing people from expressing their views.

Political Correctness reaches into all branches of government. It has gotten fairly easy to recognize PC and usually the biggest stories in the media are the best examples of a politically correct frenzy.

The Danger of Being Politically Incorrect

Going against the liberal views of the media has its consequences. People in this category can’t be arrested (at least not yet), but the media destroys their career. There are many examples of this. If they can’t get the person fired from their job they use other tactics. As in the case of radio talk host Rush Limbaugh, advertisers started pulling their support from the show.

Did Political Correctness Cause 911?

In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, a disturbing question was raised. When the hijackers were taking flying lessons in the United States prior to that fateful day, could it have been that the FBI did not do anything about it because it was not politically correct?

It was known that hijacking planes was something that those people did in their culture. So, when they came to the United States and started taking flying lessons, it is a mystery as to why they did not raise suspicion. Or did they, as some have suggested?

If this dark theory is correct, then PC caused the death of thousands.

The Media’s Gun Control Policy

An old saying goes something like this: A half truth is often a great lie. The media is well known for altering a news story so that it fits their agenda. For example, a few years ago there was a shooting at a college. When the story was reported here’s the way it ended every time: “the assailant was subdued by another person there on campus.”

In reality the shooter was stopped by someone that had a gun. But the media did not want to report this fact. It was in direct opposition to their gun control agenda.

How far is Political Correctness going to go? Hopefully, no further than it is already.

Street Talk

Thanks, AnnMarie. Yes, it's easy today to see what side of an issue the liberal media is on. And I agree, there is also a lot of "junk" news, especially about celebrities. That's a waste of air time.

  about 8 years ago

Great article, Georgia. I can't pinpoint exactly when the media changed their strategies to get viewers and am sure it happened gradually over the last, I'll say 30-40 years. Before that the news was unbiased, unslanted, and not a daily party of pleasantries and baby birthdays mixed in with hard news. Hard news held totally objective facts without taking sides and all political parties were given equal balance in reporting because the media didn't lean toward one or the other or even the other....

  about 8 years ago
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