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Privacy? Demi Moore Should Get Real
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Privacy? Demi Moore Should Get Real

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have announced the end of their six year marriage. It’s hardly surprising as their deteriorating relationship has been played out on twitter and in the media. Moore has just issued a statement saying that she hopes that people would show her the compassion and privacy that they would show anyone else in similar circumstances. Whether anyone will listen to her plea is open to question but I also think it’s unlikely.

When an ordinary family is caught up in some terrible tragedy which is widely reported in the press, their solicitors, the police or sometimes even friends generally make a statement on their behalf asking for the media and the public to respect their privacy and let them grieve in private. No one with any compassion can blame them for taking this stance. Why would they want they want to share what they’re thinking and feeling with the general public in the immediate aftermath of a tragedy? It must be a terrible experience for anyone when an area of their life is under the scrutiny of the public across the country or the world.

But Moore is not in the same position. Of course their marriage troubles are a tragedy for both of them, but Moore and Kutcher are well known as ardent Twitter followers, sharing pictures and details of their life. It’s quite difficult to now ask that she be left alone. Even in her statement she couldn’t resist giving more information than the public needed to know, when she stated that there are certain values and vows that she holds as ‘sacred’ and that’s why she has decided to move on. Not exactly subtle. We get it. She was telling the world that it’s her soon to be ex-husband who is at fault and virtually confirming the stories of an alleged fling on their 6th wedding anniversary are true. And Moore has never been afraid to share details of her life in interviews, magazine covers when she posed naked when well into her pregnancy.

Kim Kardashian the reality star has also been bleating about a similar thing since declaring that her marriage to basketball player Khris Humphries was over after 72 days. They called for privacy, at the same time as her mother Kris Jenner took to the airways to defend rumours that it was all a publicity stunt. All the Kardashian siblings have been defending their sister on Twitter and Khloe in particular has reacted angrily to hostile comments. Well I’m sorry, if you share every detail of your life with the public and have cameras constantly following you around, people will feel that they can comment and some remarks won’t be pleasant. It goes with the territory and it’s what they chose.

I wish more ‘stars’ would follow the example of supermodel Kate Moss. Moss has had her fair share of terrible publicity during her career, trashing hotel rooms with Johnny Depp, allegedly snorting cocaine with Pete Doherty, being part of the notorious ‘Primrose Hill Set’ in London. Whether half of what is written about Moss is true – who knows. The fact is people outside her circle of friends and colleagues don’t really know what she thinks or does because in her very long career she has barely given an interview. If she’s hurt by what people have said , or pleased - she just doesn't share it.

I can’t imagine what it’s like to have people prying into your life 24/7 but there have always been stars who have done anything they can to minimise interest in themselves and have established highly successful careers without sharing every detail of their life. I feel sorry for Moore that her marriage has imploded, but I’m afraid to ask for privacy is bit hypocritical. You cannot court publicity one moment and then shut it off when you want to.

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