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Sophie Clarke Wins Survivor South Pacific
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Sophie Clarke Wins Survivor South Pacific

Well, Survivor South Pacific comes to an end and Sophie Clarke comes out as the winner. It came down to the final five of Coach, Ozzy, Rick, Sophie, and Albert. So Ozzy won the next immunity challenge and guaranteed his place in the final four. Rick got voted out of the group of five.

It looked like if Ozzy could pull off one more immunity challenge he would be in the final three as either Sophie or Albert would have to go. Coaches place looked secure! Ozzy as the only remaining member of the opposing tribe going into the final four, you have to know that he had to win immunity in order to make it to the final three.

So, it was the final immunity challenge for the group of four and it was a combo physical and mental challenge to claim the immunity necklace. It was very close till the end when it was between Ozzy and Sophie in the puzzle phase of the match. Ozzy clearly froze leaving Sophie the open door to win and claim immunity.

So, with Sophie wearing the immunity necklace, could Ozzy still pull of a tie with Coach sticking to his promise of he and Ozzy to the final two. Would it be two votes for Ozzy and two votes for Sophie? No! Coach did not stick to his word and he voted Ozzy out. He knew that if Ozzy went to the final three that Ozzy would win! He knocked off eight challengers at Redemption Island to get back in the game. The majority of the jury was his former tribe.

So the final three of Coach, Sophie and Albert reached the final phase of the game, the jury. Admittedly, I would say that none of them deserved to be there till the end. Albert was a worthless snake, Sophie made it to the end because of Coach's help and a few lucky wins, and Coach just melted down in the end. Honor and integrity don't play in Survivor. It's a game if kill or be killed. I hate to see the name of Jesus used on such a show. It makes Christians look bad! If you are a Christian, don't play Survivor, too much temptation if you want to win!

So do I think the right person won the game? Absolutely not! The winner should have been Ozzy. Early on he sacrificed himself to go to Redemption Island to beat the opposing teams members because they all knew he was the only one who could do that and then return to the game to support his tribe. Survivor is outwit, outlast, and outplay. I would say the person who played the best game was Ozzy! At least he got the $100,000 from Sprint as the most popular player of Survivor, ever!

Not to take anything away from Sophie. She won the million bucks. Congratulations to her! But in my opinion the true survivor does not have the title. That's just my opinion!

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