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Super Committee Deadline - Black Friday - How To Make It In America
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Super Committee Deadline - Black Friday - How To Make It In America

The super committee deadline passes as black Friday makes our hearts race. Why do we need these?

How to make it in America. Why do we need a super committee to try to pull our bacon out of the fire? Grown, well paid men and women acting like first graders fighting over a box of chocolates! Whoever picked the date for the end of the committee did some good planning.

Just as the fever pitch of anger in this country might overflow into the streets to join the occupy protesters already there, we have Thanksgiving come to our rescue. We do, after all, have a great deal to be thankful for. To help forget the debacle unfolding in Washington, the planners also saw to it that our anger and disgust would peak a few days before the beloved black Friday! Not only are we over stuffed with food, we get a chance to bail out our retailers with our plastic abundance!

Personally, I've forgotten about the super what-was-it already. All I have to worry about is to keep from getting trampled in the panting traffic racing to the naughty underwear section at Walmart.

Should I survive that, I might take a break for a coffee, but if the shelves are already getting bare, I will likely keep on shoving my cart. As I stand in line after line, I might wonder about why do we need this super committee anyway. Don't we pay good money to the large corporations to tell our lawmakers what to vote on? Didn't they vote the other day to make pizza a vegetable? If they are smart enough for that, they surely don't need another committee to tell them what to do.

I have to figure some way of finding out how to make it in america. What ever happened to work hard, save and you'll be fine?

Well, there is not much employment to work hard at anymore and what there is can't be relied on. Savings are great except they can be wiped out by some dude on Wall Street making shady deals so he can maximize his bonuses to buy new hub caps for his Mercedes.

Wouldn't it be something to not have to rely on black Friday to be able to squeak by another year? Imagine doing all your shopping the week before Thansgiving! It could almost become a status thing.

What a rush it would be to tell your neighbors when they ask where you're going to shop on black Friday, "Oh, no, darlings, I did all my shopping last week".

I want to put things like the super committee deadline and black Friday behind me.

How to make it in America? I am going to do what the founding fathers and mothers did. They got off the boat, looked around at what opportunities there were, rolled up their sleeves and worked with what they had.

In conclusion, what have I got to work with today? The internet. I'm tired of reading about people making a secure living with nothing more than a computer and an internet connection. It is time that I helped myself.

By the way, I suspect it will be nice and quiet at the mall a week or two before Thanksgiving. I might even be able to find a parking spot close enough that I won't have to bring a lunch to eat on the walk to the mall entrance!

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