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The Dj's And The Nurse
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Surprised, disappointed, discusted…

An entirely personal opinion!

I am referring to this apocryphal story, the media once again is pushing into the public.

In one of the newspaper today, I see a picture of an Indian family grieving and right next to it, as if it was part of the same picture, the 2 DJ's smiling. I think, this is what I could call significantly, a outrageous picture!!!

Today, the two DJ's are not smiling at all, they are traumatized by the outcome!

The case of the nurse committing suicide, due apparently to the shame, of having given unauthorized information to the media.

Thru the world there are alarming reactions, it looks almost like a political campaign against Melanie and Michael, two young Australians who played the prank. It was undoubtedly not their intention to hurt anyone, particularly not that way.

It was undeniably not something to do either, but there is worse than a prank no? Neither Melanie or Michael could anticipate such a reaction, nobody could have by the way!!!

On the news, I have to hear that a life line has been especially opened - in certain countries - for shocked people who needed support. I can't believe this!

In Africa, you have children dying every day from malnutrition. Do we open a life line for this situation? No!

The world is diving into hysteria, thanks to the media again!

These young persons have learned their lesson the hard way. It will be with them for the rest of their life. They did not want it to happen. Criticisms and animosity comments of which they are the object, on social media, do only trigger more complication.

Jacintha, the nurse: her reaction was probably due to her culture.

Yes, we are not all the same on this planet; if some have such a response to a situation, other may react differently. Perhaps the family of the poor nurse (particularly her husband) might not have been very supportive, when she came back home explaining the situation she was in? I am asking myself this question.

Even worse, perhaps they could feel uncomfortable to deal with such an embarrassment. She must have felt depressed and very depressed to realize, that due to her mistake, she might be a hindrance to her family's future. The brain sometimes works so fast, when encountering harsh circumstances.

She might have figured out the worst scenario such as : imagining people could talk, despise them, ignore them, avoid them; whether at work, on the road, at school. She did not want to put her family in difficulties perhaps.

I wonder, if anyone has questioned this at all?

And yes, like many other people, I feel for her. Because I can imagine the dreadful situation she could have been in. I (like everybody) do of course, not know what really happened, when she came home that night.

I can only presume the emotional situation she was in. However, would it be different if the family had reacted differently? No one knows.

Let's hope one thing, that this tragedy open the eyes of all of us using the social media, of all reporters, DJ's, photographs, who have the feeling they can and should reach a scoop (even unintentional).

This has to come to an end, stopping abusing the privacy of people.

May this be the hard lesson for us all.

Bets regards Elia

Street Talk

Hi Elia, The story of the nurse is deeply touching and my heart goes out to the family. I blame the media for dwelling on trivialities instead of focusing on the issues facing the world. If the media had not put so much emphasis on the story of the ailment, all that happened would have been avoided. It is time the media "grew up" and focused on the real issues.

  about 9 years ago
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