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The Education System - My Opinion
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The Education System    -    My Opinion

My name is Jakub Smejkal. I'm 18 years old and I'm recently attending my last year in high school.

I want to share a story of how I see our public schools and our education system.

When I was a small kid, my dad took me and my family to a beach where rich people lived. I was amazed seeing all the beauty houses and all the awesome cars. I've wondered how come these people are so rich and people like us were not. I asked my dad this question and he told me that the people that are rich are university/college graduates and that they use their minds instead of their hands to work. He told me that once I graduate a college or a university, I could have a good life.

It wasn't bad advice from my dad, but I know now it doesn't work that way completely. I know now for a fact that if I only knew the information from school, I'd be completely lost in our modern age.

In my personal opinion, we the teenagers of today live in the most intense time of our history. We are surrounded by iPhones, computers, TV advertisements, and hundreds of television channels. On the top of that we attend schools where we're taught useless boring information, that can't help us figure out what we want to do with our lives, what our purpose is.

This is because schools teach students what to think rather then how to think.

The problem is that schools have no interest in students as individuals. They don't seem to care what they're capable of. They simply consider every student to be the same. They don't take their time to ask the student what he's/she's interested in, what himself/herself would like to learn.

I think we should do exactly that. Instead of giving students bunch of assignments, we should ask the students, what they want to learn. We live in a society, where we think that kids are stupid, that they don't know what they want, that it's better for adults to say what's better for them. This gets me very mad.

I see kids to be smart, even at very young age. They're full of dreams and they really do want to accomplish something. Their dreams are usually associated with what they recently like. It doesn't mean it's what they're going to be doing (like being a firefighter) when they grow up, sometimes our dreams change. It just means that what they're interested in at the moment can be associated with what they might do when they grow up. So, why don't we care about this?

I for example have a dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

After I graduated from my elementary school, I started attending a business high school. I was very comitted and very excited in my first high school year, believing I'd learn how to be a successful businessman. It wasn't long until I realized that my school has nothing to do with business. The school I recently attend has a strong propaganda of accountancy and most of the subjects connect with it. I don't find accountancy to be bad. It's just if I was an entrepreneur, I wouldn't do my accountancy, I'd have a person or another company doing it for me because I would have too much work leading my business.

Luckily, I've found many sources of information from books and the internet, that can help me accomplish my dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, but I'm more concerned for other people that still don't know what they want to do with thier life.

By having this kind of education system, the children don't get to figure out who they are. They're not limited to their full potencial. As every student is different, everyone has different goals.

Students should not be divided into age groups. Instead they should be divided into different disciplines. Some students are better working in smaller groups then large groups, some are better working on thier own. Each student is different and everyone has a different value. We should be grouping children to what they have in common instead of catagorizing them by how old they are.

In my class I have two friends that are interested in business just like me. We talk and debate about it most of our time. We've also accomplished many business projects together. Unforutunately just 3 out of 28 students in our class are interested in business (in a business school). Can you imagine if there were more of us? If we had 20 other people in our class that have a familiar mindset as us? I can say it would be awesome. The other people in my class on the other hand, can attend different classes that they want to learn from.

When I ask the majority of the people in my class what they want to do when they grow up, they simply say, they don't know. The question is, will they ever know? I think it is important to investigate what you want to do as soon as possible. It is important to look into different kinds of opportunities and to see what is relevant for our lives. But I guess only a few of us do that.

I'm not saying all of the people I have in my class don't have goals, but most of them don't, and they don't even seem to care.

Most kids go to school, where they spend 6-8 hours of their day. After school most kids are so tired they go home and rest, usually turning on their TV or thier Facebook. Then they do thier homework, brush their teeth and go to sleep. When you look at it from an educational prospective, the kids don't gain any real knowledge. It certainly looks that way, because most teenagers discussions are about what happened on television or what they heard on the radio. From my perspective, teens and even some adults these days lead pointless discussions that have nothing to do with them. And it makes sence, since they're not properly educated or informed.

I think the problem is that people depend too much on school and on the degree they will eventually get after graduating college. They think that once they have a college degree, they'll be set for thier future. They just simply say to themselves, that thier going to do what school tells them to do, and they will be fine, no worries. Then after they graduate, they find out they're screwed, because they don't know any practical information. They simply won't know how to sell themselves to the world.

I think school should be more like this. We should go to school where we're motivated to do what we love. We should be motivated to work towards our goals and the teachers should help us out. The teachers should also care what we think and the teacher should care about us as individuals. We should not be punished by our failures, but we should be motivated by them. We should be involved in any activities associated with what our dreams might be. The schools should be more focused on teaching us creativity rather then teaching us useless information that we can search on the internet anytime. We should be taught how to think rather then what to think. Schools needs to teach kids how to be independent. They need to teach them that they themselves have complete control of their life and that they need to think for themselves in order to succeed. Also, learning needs to be more in groups. If you know of the term brainstorming then you know what I mean. It's basically a conference technique of solving specific problems, stimulating creative thinking, developing new ideas by spontaneous participating in discussion.

Our society won't have educated people unless we change something. I believe that education is the future, and we should be taking it very seriously. The more educated people we will have, the better future will be for us and our planet. The more we know, the better we will do.

That's my take on it.

I'd like to encourage you to write your opinions bellow. How do you view education? How do you view my opinion? What would you change? Has school helped you in any way in your life? Write anything you want. I'll be sure to reply.

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