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The Government And The Value Of A Dollar
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It is being proven, almost on a daily basis, that the government is a mindless spending machine. They have over spent, using our tax dollars to do this. They are spending Social Security on a daily basis, and this is meant to be used to pay individuals when they reach retirement age.

If the government would take these billions of tax dollars that they receive, and invest it, rather than spending it, the government would be wealthy beyond belief.

I am not cutting down the government because I dislike it, I dislike what they are doing to us as American citizens. For those of us out here working for a living. Many of us are living day to day, barely making it, and losing our homes, and what is our government doing? Well, they are taking vacations, and giving themselves pay raises, and bonuses.

What I feel that we really need, is to reorganize the Federal Government, as well as some State Government. We need individuals in office that know the value of a dollar. We need people that know what it is to work for a dollar. We need people who know what it is to have bills to pay, and who have had to budget their own money, so that it will last, and possibly be able to save some when they can.

I am not talking about individuals that wouldn't be able to make it if they were making $75,000 a year, and were having a hard time because they are living beyond their means. I am talking about the average working man or woman, that knows the real value of a dollar, and knows how to live within their means.

The people in office in government have limos to pick them up and take them where they need to go, they need to drive, and buy their own fuel. They need to buy their own car, and should have it maintenanced themselves. Why should the tax payers have to pay for their limo service.

They should also have to fly commercial, just like you and I. We as tax payers, should not have to pay for airplanes or helicopters for them to get from point A to point B. Not only do we have the expense of the airplane or helicopter, but also the fuel and maintenance on these.

Do you as the average American worker have a limo pick you up and drive you around for free? Are you taken to the airport in your limo, and fly in a private jet to take you where you would like to, or need to go? I don't think so.

The problem is that the government officials do not appear to know the real value of a dollar. With the life styles that they live, they will never know the real value of a dollar, except in their reports of what the value is compared to another countries dollar.

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