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The MAC King Has Died! Long Live The King
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His arrival was timely. The era of Thomas Edison like inventors had sprung anew. Only the outward appearances had changed  Now there were young college entreprenues that were translating established forms of communication into a personal experience with NO HOLDS BARRED!

The sky was the limit and the only restriction was the technolgy and if that was the case the INVENT A NEW ONE!

Then...! Turn that into a business that served everyone and everything, but keep it personal and accessible to the common people!

Keep the price low, keep it in the hands of the people and the people would drive the industry and technolgy to suit their dreams.

Brilliant business model, opportuned by the unprecedented use of computers in business and the free public access to the internet during the Reagan administration.


Prior to the influence of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Steve Mcusniak, the computer industry was a hodge-podge of who ever could get their product on the market.  There were no applications or whoever created the physical computer created their own applications.

The thrill back then was to own something previously unattainable.  Only the Rand-McNalleys, the IBM's (before it was Big Blue), ATT (when it was Ma Belle, and all its communications machineries were metal-not software). A revolutionary change from one computer taking up a whole floor.  There were no Dell's, no HP's, no Radio Schack, Intel is a late comer.

Then came the likes of Steve Jobs who started his computer business in his parent's garage--called it Apple, hired others, demanded loyalty, dedication, even though he had no idea what the future held.

When applications became universal and programs like Wordperfect, Spread Sheet, and Graphics became standard, The time was right.

Steve Jobs and Apple arose from the battle of the fittest to become a brand name and a standard in the industry for graphic capablities.  Try and find a graphics company that doesn't use MAC.

The Apple computer, the MAC, MAC II were all inventions of Steve Jobs.

In a biography of Bill Gates it is proported that there was a conversation between the two that went like

JOBS: But my computer is a better machine.  You KNOW that.

GATES: It doesn't matter.

To this day the battle over PC vs MAC continues.

Around this time, it is reported that Jobs was having a difficult time with his business model. The Apple stock dropped, Jobs became ill, and he left the company.

However, it wasn't  long that with great fan fare and announcement Steve Jobs returned. Armed with NEW inventions such a e-readers, mobile application and redevelopments of MAC.

One might surmise that Jobs finally understood the Apple business model. INVENT ! As opposed to the Microsoft business model which was grab big businesses and offer to put Microsoft software on businesses like IBM's hardware, who stated that "everybody knows the money is in the hardware".

But the cotribution of both these men established a standard in the computer industry that CREATED the modern world.

Steve Jobs. Died at 56. Your time here was too short.  Long Live the King!



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Unfortunately he has succumb to his ongoing health issues. An innovation genius was lost today in Steve Jobs and Apple has lost the most instrumental figure within their team. Very sad. :(

  about 1 decade ago

I agree. I hope "another door opens".

  about 1 decade ago
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