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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills - Not Another Reality TV Show
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The other night I was watching TV with my roommate and a commercial came on advertising The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. My initial action was a groan followed by me telling my roommate "Not another reality tv show. When will they stop making them?" And his reply "When people stop watching them?"

I don't watch a whole lot of TV and when I do I usually watch the discovery and national geographic channels. To me watching men hiking through a desert or a forest trying to live off the land is a lot more interesting than a reality show about a bunch of women in Beverly Hills, but I guess I am a man and those shows are geared towards women.

I just don't get how people become attached to shows that are fabricated. I think reality shows were great when they first came out. However, now I think they are just over played and overdone. Here's a unique concept: have a reality tv show that isn't scripted. The show probably wouldn't do too well since there wouldn't be enough drama to keep the shows audience interested. Furthermore, the audience would probably think an unscripted reality tv show was scripted because of a lack of drama because it's not real if there is no drama involved.

I guess the reality tv shows of today have become the soap operas of yesterday. It's kind of interesting to look back. I remembered back when I was growing up soap operas being on in the morning when all the stay at home moms were at home. I'm sure there are still soap operas on in the morning, but now that a lot more women are working you find the tv shows that they like to watch on in the evening. It's an interesting shift in the american culture.

I still think reality tv shows are overdone. It seems like they have a reality show for everything now: semi truck drivers, miners, antique restorations, pawn shops, hollywood celebrities, heck I think even the bigfoot fanatics are jumping on the reality tv show bandwagon with their show "Finding Bigfoot".

I think I'm going to start my own reality tv show. It's going to be a reality tv show about a 25 year old guy who writes articles about reality tv shows and saying how they suck and posts them online. There is the potential for lots of drama especially when the stars of other reality tv shows start finding his articles online and reading it.

I can see it now. One of the Beverly Housewives finds his article making fun of her. She gets really hurt and upset so she calls up the Mafia housewives to have them take care of him for her. However, they can't handle him so the Mafia housewives call up the Jersey Shore people and they have "The Situation" come handle the situation. "The Situation" tracks down the young writer and proceeds to tie him up and tell bad joke after bad joke, the jokes are ten times worse than the ones he told on "The Roast of Donald Trump", until the young writer can't take it anymore and agrees to stop writing articles about reality tv shows.

Damn, I think I should become a writer for a reality tv show. It actually is kind of fun making up all sorts of crazy plots for tv shows.

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