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Three Ways To Not Get Scammed By Survey Sites
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Three Ways to Not Get Scammed By Survey Sites

We've all heard stories of how doing online surveys can make you rich. We've all seen ads promising that you'd be able to quit your job in days by doing online surveys. The reality is that these are scams. Legitimate survey sites do exist, and there are plenty of them. But real survey sites that value your opinion can't realistically reimburse you in millions. Legitimate sites reasonably pay you an average of around one dollar for every ten minutes. Is a survey 40 minutes long? You get four dollars for your time. 40 minutes is just an estimate, and I've seen people finish in 20-ish minutes and walk away with the extra 2 dollars. I've outlined three different ways that can clue you in to whether a survey site is legit or not.

Hello Stranger, What're ya' Sellin?

A sure-fire way to know if a survey site is legitimate is looking at what they promise. If this website is selling some grandios interpretation of the real survey experience, it most definitely is a scam. "Get rich off of a few surveys a day! Its so easy!" No, its not. The survey experience is not a get rich quick scheme, its a way to get extra money for giving your opinion. A good survey site is upfront and tells you how you're going to get payed for your time i.e. points that you can turn into cash, or rewards that you can purchase.


Is the site that you're on promise to offer you thousands upon thousands of surveys every hour? If so, you are not in the company of a professional survey site. It is true that there are many surveys out there, but survey sites usually have a limit to how many surveys you can take. Most sites hover around 5 to 10 surveys a day depending on your demographic qualifications for any given survey. A survey site promising you thousands is looking for your information. The moment you give it to them is the moment they will no longer need you as a customer.

Research, research, and more research...RESEARCH!

You have so much power as a consumer. You do not have to sit there and take it as some low down company swindles you for all you've got. Always research. This is not only true for survey sites, but for anything you feel unsure about in life. There are many sites around the internet that can really help you figure out whether a survey site is legit or just trying to get you to dish out your information to sell to third party corporations. If you research, you're that much closer to being an educated, informed consumer.

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