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Charlie Sheen got fired and will not be on future episodes of Two and A Half Men. He was replaced by Ashton Kucher. John Cryer (well-named for his role as the brother chiropractor) and Angus T. Jones (no relation to me) as the nephew and son of the chiropractor.

I'm sure that Ashton Kucher will perform well and be a success on the series. But we have lived with Charlie Sheen in his role as a jingle writer for a long time. He is like an old shirt that is ragged and torn that we do not want to throw away. In fact, he is a shirt that we protect to preserve until not one thread is left.

Like many actors, Charlie Sheen has has some tough times, tough times that he has brought upon himself. This is called Self Destructive Behavior by those who know such things. Taking alcohol or drugs is such behavior and in Charlie Sheens' case resulted in violence and obscene behavior. Some consider masturbation to be such behavior but that does not usually show up in public places although it did for Peewee Herman who was arrested in Sarasota, Florida for masturbating while secluded in a darkened adult theater.

As an avid viewer of Two and A Half Men I don't really care about Charlie Sheens' childish behavior. I don't think he is a great role model for the kids that watch his show (or for the adults for that matter) nor do I care about Peewee Herman's bizarre behavior in Florida. I do care about their ability to perform and work in their craft of acting.

Peewee Herman survived his ordeal, and perhaps if Charlie Sheen learns to shun alcohol and drugs, he will too. He has made a tremendous amount of money over the years. His net worth is approaching (or descending from) fifty million dollars. He has a very high opinion of himself and it seems that he felt that he was irreplaceable on Two and A Half Men. The truth of the matter is that he was replaceable as we all are.

Well, he can not really be replaced just as Charlie Chaplin and John Wayne and Humphrey Bogart can not be replaced. But other actors can come close, although I don't know whom that would be for John Wayne or Bogie. Charlie Chaplin, however, was silent and is easily mimicked.

Folks with self destructive behavior may be hard to work with. His network found him impossible to work with. The worse he behaved, the more demanding he became which reveals his feeling of self importance. Well, he is out and Ashton Kucher is the new kid on the block. I'm very happy that the series will continue even without Charlie Sheen. I'm glad for John Cryer and Angus T. Jones.

We will see Charlie Sheen again. He will get his act together perhaps long enough to make another comedy movie or to start a new television series. My words to Charlie are "Grow up, young man!"

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