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Wal Mart Shoppers Kids Pepper Sprayed - Man Tazed At Walmart - How To Make It In America
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Wal Mart Shoppers Kids Pepper Sprayed - Man Tazed At Walmart - How To Make It In America

Wal Mart shopper's kids pepper sprayed. Man tazed at Wal Mart. My god, what's with this store? What's with this black Friday thing, anyway? Since when do you need body armor to pick up a few trinkets for Christmas?

How to make it in America. This question used to be answered with things like:

  • Hard work
  • Save your money
  • Invest
  • Give to charity

Now, it seems that the answer includes:

  • Make sure your will is current before leaving home.
  • How badly do you want those sex toys for Christmas?
  • Is it blasphemy to ask for sex toys at Christmas?
  • Is the magazine in the tail gun of the car full?
  • Did you bring a large lunch and a sleeping bag? It will be a long walk from the car to the mall entrance.
  • Did you bring cash with the credit card? We might have to prove we are not of "no fixed address" and penniless. If they taze customers and pepper spray children, we don't want to find out what they do to the homeless.
  • It's not what you know, it's how low can you go?

Personally, I have found that the best thing I could do for myself is forget everything that all the well meaning people in my life have told me. The high school councilor was full of it when she told me to run a funeral parlor. My teachers told me to get an education and get a degree so that I wouldn't have to become a tradesman.

That wasn't right because I have more degrees than a thermometer and am recently unemployed thanks to someone in a far away country who is willing to do the work I used to do for a bowl of rice a day. The tradespeople, on the other hand have a more secure income as witnessed by the mechanic on the corner who skins me regularly for my car repairs. Unlike the stores, he prefers cash.

All the people who gave me advice meant well. I love them for it , but what's a person to do? Why do we need a black Friday to squeak through the holidays? Why are people getting treated like runaway convicts in our commercial establishments?

What kind of little monsters are we raising if Wal Mart shopper's kids are pepper sprayed or are they hiring the same security people at Wal Mart that they use at the airports? Will I get my "junk" felt before entering the hallowed halls of the mall?

If a man was tazed at Wal Mart, why don't they taze students at my local school? Teachers tell me that they think some of their students were raised in Auswitch.

In conclusion, we do have it great here in America. Just look at the news from below the border and overseas. The greatest asset I believe we have is the internet. It is free to all and allows anyone who wants to learn and work to build substantial home online incomes of any kind they want. The world wide web is the great equalizer.

By the way, no matter what happens at the mall, North America is still the best place in the world to live. We live in the time of the greatest potential ever. Those of us who want to work hard can learn how to make online money as we try to figure out what the heck to do with ourselves.

At 16 we were lost. At 60 we are now unemployed, broke AND lost.

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