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What Are You Really Getting With A Warranty?
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When you go to buy an item you always hear the same question, do you want a warranty with that? But do you know what you’re really getting with a warranty. What is the catch? Why are they offering a warranty? These questions run through people’s minds every day. The last question is what do you know about the item, where could you find reviews on it?

Most warranty’s are on higher priced items such as electronics, laptops, camera’s and etc. When a warranty is given it usually covers everything. You would think that a business would lose money by offering to replace and fix the item once it’s broken. This seems like a scam. When you get a warranty the salesperson makes it sound like, once the item breaks they will replace everything.

This is not the case. Once the item breaks they will make it as hard as they can for you to get your item fixed or replaced. They will usually tell you that you’re getting a brand new one, and it will only take a few days. Then you find yourself waiting for two weeks. When you decide to call them to see where your item is, the company will act like you’re in convincing them. This is the typical warranty.

Most warranties are full of catches. If you buy it from a store they will act like the store will replace it. Then once they have your item they will send it to the warranty store. They act like your item will be handled by their store. After the few days they promise you that you will get your item, you decide to call. Then you find out since the warranty is handling it, the store is not involved in it. What about the charges you’re getting on your item when it’s broken do they pay for it?

Once you hear those words, “Do you want a warranty”, you ask yourself why are they offering me a warranty? Then you ask yourself is the item going to break? I mean why is the first thing they ask you, usually involve the item breaking. Do they know something we don’t? I believe that every product is going to break, after the warranty is up. If the product breaks before then, then the product was made to break. Now a days they don’t have quality items. It’s not about quality but quantity. The more people they sell the item to, the more money they make. If one or two items break, they still make money.

The last question is how do you know that the item is even good. Where do you find reviews on it? You can ask your friends. That’s a good idea, but most people buy an item for one good thing, they have heard about it. This could be helpful or be a complete waste of your time. Most people look on the internet. This is good, but most of the stuff on the internet is one’s own idea of the product you purchased.

The best way to find out about your purchase is to go to a review site. A review site is where you can post your questions, and any buddy can comment on them. This way you can get a variety of answers. With more answers you will find your own. You can also comment on others questions to clarify their answers if you don’t completely understand them.

In conclusion a warranty can be a good thing, when everything is cleared up front. A warranty can also be a bad thing, because you can be getting scammed or just wasting your money. The next time you go to purchase an item make sure you ask yourself, will the item last long enough for me to enjoy it? Is the warranty worth it? The last and final advice I have for you is make sure you read reviews, and ask a lot of questions. This way you will know more about the product you’re purchasing. Then you can decide if you need a warranty or not.

When it comes to electronics always advancing who is to say their won’t be any problems. Today companies are pushing out electronics so fast that they aren’t checking them for new problems. Electronic companies are too worried about competing with the next greater and better product. Electronics will always be around because are world has gotten so dependent on electronics. With so many electronic defects out there no one knows what to expect.

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