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What Is A Democratic Government
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what is a democratic government

Governments take many forms. There is the dictatorship. The first dictator was probably a clan or tribal leader who took his leadership position by his strength and by his ability to provide for his people. A benevolent dictatorship can be a great form of government. However, such governments change on the death or disposal of the leader. An evil dictatorship, of which we have many in the world, results in harshness and death of unwilling followers. Getting quickly to the point, what is a democratic government?

Democratic governments are where the people have a say in government. Communism is a government supposedly by the people. However, it is a one-party government and it has been shown that the party leaders become the elite who control the government. Some such governments have been very cruel dictatorships, and example being Joseph Stalin, a great but cruel leader.

The Soviet Union was the most powerful government of this sort but it had problems that caused it to disintegrate. Some give Ronald Reagen credit for this but that is not what he did. But like other U.S. presidents, he brought focus on the Berlin Wall and said, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

China is a communistic government, a few dictating to the many. It has employed capitalism to avoid the economic disasters that brought the Soviet Union to its knees. China wants to gain economic control of the world so that it can dictate to its markets and obtain esteem by becoming the greatest economy on the planet replacing the United States in that role.

Socialistic governments are successful in parts of Europe. Taxes are high to provide medical and economic stability and to provide for long vacations and comfortable retirements and such. The people may complain about the high taxes but they would complain more if they had those same benefits taken away from them. It is like Social Security and Medicare in our country.

The United States is a republic with representative government. It is not a true democracy because we relegate the federal government to our representatives and senators. We are trying to "bring democracy to the terrorized countries of the world." That means we are trying to bring capitalism to the world to build markets which we in which we will have an influence.

What is a democratic government? Here is my definition: A democratic government is where the people control the government ether directly or through representatives. It occurs when education is a priority and the country is somewhat rich in resources. It requires that the individual beliefs of the people are not subject to government scrutiny and that no political organization or religious faction has control of the government. Individual freedoms are protected by a constitution and by law.

I see dangers to the freedom of the American people. We say that we believe in a two-party system. Maybe we do but many politicians do not. Each of our political parties wants to control the government all the time. The other party is discredited so that it can not gain significant control.

Several politicians who have left the Congress have said they were tired of being dictated to by party leaders forcing them to discredit the other party. In a democratic government there must be compromise. In a democratic government, there must be integrity. In a democratic government, there must be responsibility.

Now we are in a recession with an unemployment rate of over one-third what it was in the Great Depression. How much would it take to tip it toward the twenty-five percent rate of the Great Depression? If things are not getting better, they are getting worse.

A democracy survives when people have a positive outlook on their government. This country was created by revolution. It was almost destroyed by the Civil War when differences were not satisfactorily aired to permit compromise.

Now are people are use to a certain standard of living and enjoy the benefits of being an American such as Social Security and Medicare, etc. These are called entitlements and the cost of them is too high. If you want such entitlements, you must pay for them such as with high taxes in the Socialistic countries. Americans are not willing to do that, especially wealthy Americans who want to preserve the wealth they have gained.

What is a democratic government? It is a government of, by, and for the people as President Lincoln said. It solves problems in a logical way for the long term. Short term actions are seldom called for and just increase the nation's debt.

People are struggling, looking for a decent source of income so that they do not have to work two or three jobs that divides families. Emphasis on helping these folks start a part-time business would be a start. Some of those business would fail but some would not but instead grow and provide many new jobs. Education teaching how to start a business would be a tremendous help and it need not be paid for by the federal government. Education and business should play a major role and the training should start in junior high school.

Well, that is what I think and I'm sticking to it!

Fly Old Glory!

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