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What Is The Political Tea Party
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What is the Political Tea Party

Current blab from our Nations Capital is that the Tea Party holds the Congress captive and that is why the Speaker of the House has his hands tied and is not able to negotiate with the Obama Administration. So, what is the political tea party?

First, the political tea party says they are not a political party and that they don't plan on becoming a party in the near future. The fact of the matter is that they are the extreme right-wing of the Republican party dictating to members of Congress, forcing them to sign a document every year stating that they will follow the dictates of the Tea party (which they say is not a party).

The party wants to go back to the days of our founding fathers who had no idea about what our society would be like. However, they had the premise that limited government is best and that the states should have the most clout. The Tea party want a balanced budget and individual responsibility and freedoms, etc.

There is nothing wrong with the basic beliefs of the Tea party, but although they claim to represent people from all parties and walks of life, the fact of the matter is that they are dictatorial, vindictive, and in my opinion, some ways evil. To persuade politicians to agree with them is a fine thing to do. To force politicians to agree with them, or else, is another thing.

They are very powerful and they must ring a bell with many Americans, they ring a bell with me, but to defame candidates to put them out of office is not good. They have money and they know how to use it.

The blabbermouth talk show hosts have PACs to support Green party movement. They call them names like the Heritage Fund to deceive the people but they are just treasure chest to support ring-wing activities.

Now are economy is in the pits. Big-mouth politicians are saying that if we go into default and the debt ceiling is not raised we will loose our credibility and that the recession will worsen, more jobs will be lost, and that everything will go to the dogs.

Maybe so. Probably so.

The Republicans are saying that there must be a resolution--but the Tea party members in Congress are calling the shots. They are warning their elected officers not to concede to the White House demand that a meager tax increase is needed in addition to spending cuts. A tax increase would just be used to push more socialistic programs, so they say (probably true). The Republican do not want to talk about reducing Social Security and other entitlements (especially theirs). But these also need to be restricted.

We need cooperation in the Congress, not dictators. We have a lot of people shaking in their boots knowing that if they don't succumb they will soon be out of office. Actually the Tea party was not able to boot some candidates out of office, but they destroyed the careers of enough politicians to make everyone wary of their power.

Let's resolve this stand-off. Both sides must bend. We all need to make some sacrifices to reduce spending. What is the political tea party. It is a group of Americans trying to make things better. The Tea party is right in their thinking. They are completely wrong in their tactics.

Americans are in a bind. Many are looking for a new job, one that pays them enough to live on. Some would like to start a new business. Let’s get things going again. We need a strong economy to reduce the deficit. The Tea party has thrown the tea in the ocean along with the American Way.

Fly Old Glory!

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